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   Chapter 2185 Consulting God Hall

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In the divine land, people had a deep understanding on all sorts of materials and their functions.

For example, everyone knew that the cheapest Coleoptrata Winter Grass was used to make an excellent base for pills because its lower portion could be made into a gelatinous substance which could be fused with the majority of materials. Therefore, though this material could be found almost anywhere, it was something even high-ranked pills would need.

In contrast, the most expensive materials were priced so impossibly high that most people couldn't find themselves possessing them. The "Winged Dragon Horn" for example, could enable the activation of illusions of remote ages, and by transcending time, warriors could attain the highest level of comprehension when they wanted.

The usage of all sorts of strange materials and substances had been thoroughly studied over countless divine eras. Aside from particular forbidden areas that very few people explored, there weren't many secrets within the divine land.

However, there was nothing special about the mud dug out by the Tie Clan aside from having a trace of spirit. After studying it several times, they landed on this same conclusion. In the end, Devin's uncles gave up on trying to prove its worth.

Hearing Thad ask about it puzzled him even more. It seemed that the substance was of greater use than they expected.

Not knowing why, Devin agreed to Zen because it seemed like he really needed it. He was quite easily swayed, but if his sister, Linn, were here, she would have extorted a huge amount of divine might coins from Zen.

As the two conversed, they followed the throng of people and entered the backyard of the Heavenly Han House.

The backyard was a wide field with a building at the center. For some odd reason, the building was half buried into the ground. It resembled much of a wide well-bay, but the entrance was found on the front.

Wisps of black smoke emerged from the dark entrance of the half buried structure.

Zen's nose twitched slightly as he realized someone was burning incense in this building.

Once all of the proving godly warriors gathered at the backyard, a man came out from the entrance. It was the master of the Heavenly Han House Malloy, standing before them with a huge smile across his face. "I believe that it's not the first time that many of you have taken the test in our Heavenly Han House," he said. "And you all already knew a lot about the Consulting God Hall of our Heavenly Han House. However, I still wish to reiterate the rules within."

Amongst the proving godly warriors that took the test of the Heavenly Han House, quite a number of them had taken the test almost a dozen times. Those who failed continuously had grown to become familiar faces in the Heavenly Han House.

However, there was always a portion of warriors who took the test for the first time. For this reason, the rules were constantly reiterated because of the dangers that awaited them.

Zen had only been in the Six-Burden Divine City for a short period of time. Although he had already done a portion of his own research, he knew he was not completely knowledgeable of everything he needed to know. He listened intently as the master of the Heavenly Han House discussed the rules.

"This Consulting God Hall was built by the Holy Emperor of Han Clan. It's been twenty-three divine eras since it

hrough the air as the strong fragrance of incense entered his nose. But for some reason, Zen didn't feel any effects on himself. All he could feel was a slight cooling sensation going through his mind, but it eventually disappeared as if it was never there to begin with.

"This Soul-awakening Fragrance has a miraculous effect on Jasper Fighting Souls, but only a slight effect on Silver Fighting Souls. However, its effect on Gold Fighting Souls is almost negligible. So considering your soul level, it is obviously useless on you." Master Evil shook his head and flaunted a mischievous smile.

This made sense.

The soul cultivation levels of the proving godly warriors outside were extremely weak. So for sure, if the Soul-awakening Fragrance had the miraculous effect of enhancing one's comprehension, it would probably have an outstanding effect on them.

Zen was the first to enter the Consulting God Hall, and now the Soul-awakening Fragrance was at its strongest dose.

However, as a hundred thousand warriors gradually entered into the Consulting God Hall, the Soul-awakening Fragrance was being slowly absorbed by the crowd. Zen's perk as the top in the ranks was to absorb it purely, but it went to waste as it had no effect on him whatsoever.

He had only taken a few steps when the sound of hurried footsteps came up from behind him. It was the warrior who was ranked second: Zane.

After Zane entered the Consulting God Hall, he sniffed greedily as if he was going to suck in all the Soul-awakening Fragrance in one inhale. All of a sudden, he caught a glimpse of Zen looking back at him and his eyes immediately darkened in expression. However, now that he had absorbed the Soul-awakening Fragrance, his mind was instantly cleared. He instantly thought about Seth's warning, and the fierce light in his eyes flashed and disappeared.

However, he had a distaste for Zen that was a little too obvious. He nodded faintly towards Zen and even whispered lowly, "Those at the top of the rankings can take the best spots. You'd better remember that." With that, he walked past Zen and disappeared into the depths of the hall without another word.

Zen only smiled in response. He slowly made his way towards the depths of the Consulting God Hall.

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