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   Chapter 2184 Devin Tie

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The air above the Heavenly Han House glittered with the White Jade Tokens everyone had thrown up to the sky, all of them arranged in order.

After that, the old man with the surname of Chen walked out as a roll of yellow paper materialized in his hands.

He opened the yellow paper and pointed it up towards the sky above Heavenly Han House. Then, he narrowed his lips and blew lightly.

The White Jade Tokens above the Heavenly Han House glowed a bright cyan. Each time a White Jade Token flickered, a name appeared on the yellow paper together with the place the person was from.

The first White Jade Token that glowed belonged to Zane, and his name appeared on the yellow paper. On the other hand, the rest of the others' names appeared one by one in order according to their tokens' height.

Not long after, the roll of yellow paper had finished recording the 100, 000 proving godly warriors' names and the places they came from.

As for Zen, his name would not appear on the yellow paper because he didn't throw a White Jade Token but a short halberd.

But of course, the old man surnamed Chen obviously wouldn't neglect Zen. He took out an ink brush and lightly shook it, and then a small stream of ink flowed out from the brush tip. A few words were formed on the yellow paper, namely, "Thad Luo, Misty Mountain Village, Vast Sky Region."

Zen's name naturally ranked first, so it appeared before Zane's name.

Although it made Zane internally unhappy, he had to accept the fact that Zen had easily thrown the black halberd to a height of 990 feet!

Just like Seth had said, the descendants of the Han Clan sub-branches were already born with a huge advantage. It didn't matter when it came to their bloodline or talent since they were all far stronger than ordinary warriors. Once they stepped into the Godly Way and became True Gods, they would be far more powerful than ordinary True Gods.

However, the Han Clan also needed to strengthen their position because a closed wealthy clan would be eliminated anytime soon.

In the past, some of the rich clans on the Floating Islands were completely isolated from the outside world. The clans' disciples were prohibited from marrying outsiders, and outsiders weren't allowed to hold important positions. There were consequences for those various methods of isolations, which didn't manifest themselves until ten or so divine eras later. Those consequences included the decrease of the rich clans' rankings, and some Floating Islands had even fallen into the Time Sea.

Currently, the rich clans on the Floating Islands were quite nice to the outsiders. They also treated the outsiders they invited to work for the clans equally in many aspects.

After the old man with the surname of Chen had organized the list, he left with the yellow paper.

The leader of the Heavenly Han House, Malloy, took down the black halberd and returned it to Zen before he turned to everyone in the Heavenly Han House and announced, "Ev

to take part in the test, he clearly had to pay attention to the rankings. Now, he felt embarrassed by what Linn had done to Zen.

While Linn was an eloquent lady, she definitely did not do a good thing when she sold a piece of mud to Zen for five hundred divine might coins.

Then again, five hundred divine might coins was still a huge sum of money for the Tie Clan. Even if Devin Tie wanted to return all of them, he didn't know if his clan members would agree or not. Therefore, he ended up saying that he would return a part of the coins to Zen, even if he didn't know how many coins yet.

On the contrary, Zen was not concerned about a mere five hundred divine might coins...

Even though Master Evil had said that the divine might coin was still greatly useful, Zen currently did not care about it. After he had spent so many divine might coins and condensed a crystal, he figured out his method of condensing the Godly Tile. Therefore, he thought that the mud which cost him five hundred coins was worth buying.

"There's no need to return the coins to me," Zen said flatly.

Anxiety quickly flooded Devin Tie's mind when Zen had refused. "This must be..."

"No need. But I want you to help me," Zen continued.

He had originally planned to find Linn from the Tie Clan after the test in the Heavenly Han House, but now he didn't need to look for her. Her brother seemed to be much more generous, and this was a good opportunity to ask him for help.

"You want me to help you?" Devin Tie asked in shock. He couldn't believe what he heard.

Zen nodded and said in a serious tone, "I wonder where did you dig out that piece of mud? Can you take me there after the Heavenly Han House's test is over?"

"That mud?"

Devin Tie's eyes quickly lit up. He remembered that Alfred had always said that the mud was good, but he thought it was nothing special.

Yet from Zen's words, he was sure that he was looking for that same piece of mud. What could it be possibly for?

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