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   Chapter 2183 Malloy's Worries (Part Two)

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"No!" The girl didn't wait for Bruce's words to finish before she refused. A rebellious expression could be seen on her face.

Bruce shook his head. "Miss, you have to keep your word." Although he was a servant, his tone was firm and there was no room for negotiation. A stern expression painted his face.

The girl probably knew that she couldn't go against Bruce. Nonetheless, the pure eyes of hers fiercely stared at Zen. With a face on the verge of a tantrum, she pouted her mouth and said, "Then, bring this brat back with us. If I didn't use the Veto Token to save him, I wouldn't have been exposed!"

The eyes of the Han Clan's disciples slightly flashed as they stared enviously at Zen. Deep in their hearts, everyone was jealous of how lucky Zen was. After all, those two were from the Han Clan's Floating Island, and entering the Floating Island was their lifelong goal. If Zen could really go to the Floating Island with the girl, then it would be having a skyrocketing rise.

When Malloy and the other True Gods heard the girl's words, they grew anxious.

The exam of the Heavenly Han House had yet to start, but Zen had already shown his talent. Malloy had placed a great amount of hope on him. If Zen really became a disciple of the Holy Emperor in the future, Malloy would benefit greatly. Furthermore, the status of the Heavenly Han House would be maintained for the time being. However, if Zen entered the Floating Island without the accomplishment of the examination, he wouldn't be affiliated with the Heavenly Han House.

If the girl could really take Zen away with her, then it would be a disaster for the Heavenly Han Hous


The one hundred thousand proving godly warriors present could only wish in their nights of sleep about such a thing. None of them would be able to enter the Floating Island in their lifetime. However, Zen was just only a step away from that dream!

"I think this brat was just saying this to conceal his regret."

"I agree with you. After losing this opportunity, he wants to go to the Floating Island on his own? In his dreams!"

"There are so many geniuses in the Han Clan every year. Furthermore, they are much stronger than normal proving godly warriors. The Han Clan's Floating Island has rejected many talented warriors, including those from the sub-branches of the Han Clan. Yet Thad Luo wants to enter the Floating Island by himself? Not taking shortcuts? What nonsense! He is merely bluffing!"

These people stood in different positions, and their thoughts were naturally different.

Of course, they could not understand Zen. It would be difficult for those warriors to reach certain heights in their entire lives. Naturally, they would not be able to see the wider world.

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