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   Chapter 2182 Malloy's Worries (Part One)

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Neither Zen nor Malloy took the girl's words seriously. Those who heard it were dumbfounded at first, but they had soon dismissed her words as mere nonsense. Maybe it was just a playful prank by the mysterious girl.

However, Malloy did not dare to offend the girl in the slightest. As such, he wanted to change the topic of the conversation. With a mischievous laugh, he said, "I wonder which branch of the Han Clan you are from?"

The Han Clan on the Floating Island had a total of three main branches, which were the Spiritual Branch, Heaven Branch, and Earth Branch. Those three branches were the core strength of the Han Clan. Additionally, the three of them together controlled the affairs in the Floating Island.

When she heard Malloy's question, the girl looked confused. "Which branch? I don't know either."

"You don't know?" Malloy's face froze, while the other True Gods also revealed looks of surprise. Their faces were again painted with confusion.

Even people like them, who came from the sub-branches of the Han Clan, were very familiar with the three main branches on the Floating Island. If the girl in front of them really came from the Floating Island, how could she not know? Could they have guessed wrongly? Maybe the girl was from another place.

Malloy thought for a moment. Afterward, he decided to change his method pf query. "Since you don't know which branch you are from, can you at least tell me your father's name?" he asked.

"You want to know who my father is?" The green-clothed girl suddenly understood. With an innocent look on her face, she answered, "Why didn't you ask earlier? My father is—"


However, before the girl could finish, a strong wind blew in from outside the Heavenly Han House. Along the wind were some p

him. Although some of the descendants of the Han Clan had the blood of the Holy Emperor, they might not be able to meet the Holy Emperor for the rest of their lives.

However, there were a few people from the Han Clan who had the qualifications to see the Holy Emperor. Such people had extremely special statuses.

Perhaps such people didn't have high positions in the Han Clan, nor did they even take on any jobs. However, such people were not easily ignored. Their existences and statuses were extraordinary. Each of them had a small green sword on them.

The small green sword on the old man meant that either the old man or the girl was someone close to the Holy Emperor. It was a symbol of status and evidence that they could meet the Holy Emperor.

As such, the people from the Han Clan did not salute the old man. Instead, their respect was targeted towards the little green sword that hung on the old man's waist.

Bruce gave them a nod as a faint reply and didn't pay any more attention to them. He turned his head to look at his young lady. In a gentle yet firm tone, he said, "Miss, you've said that if your identity is revealed, you must go home with me. So don't—"

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