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   Chapter 2181 Causing Trouble

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Zen stood on the spot while his body was still in a tense state. As cold sweat trickled down his back, his chest continued to heave non-stop.

If the lightning ball descended another foot, he would also use his theurgy to defend himself.

However, Zen was well aware that the Thousand Commandments Slate was powerful enough to kill a top-rank True God. With his current level of cultivation, resistance would be futile.

Because of that accident, Zen had been caught off guard and almost gotten killed. If he had really died in the Six-Burden Divine City, it would have been too much for him to accept. He still hadn't achieved his ambition.

Before the ball of lightning disappeared, Zen saw a red light leap out from a corner of the courtyard.

Although he wasn't sure what that red light was, the disappearance of the lightning ball must have something to do with the red light. Curiosity became apparent in Zen's eyes.

He turned his head and saw a girl in green clothes standing at the corner. She had a simple ponytail that revealed her pure white neck. Her chubby face was filled with a delicate aura. Even though it was in a ponytail, the girl's hair was still long enough to hang down her heels.

At that moment, Zen wasn't the only one who focused on the girl. The attention of everyone in the courtyard was also stolen by her.

Some of the young proving godly warriors' eyes lit up as they saw the girl. Their hearts thumped in their chests. Curious expressions could be seen on the faces of the proving godly warriors. No matter where she appeared, she would definitely attract countless gazes. Nonetheless, none of the warriors had noticed her before this moment.

As for the people of the Han Clan, including the True Gods, their attention was naturally not on the girl herself, but on her hand.

The girl's hand was fair and exquisite without a single wrinkle. In that hand, there was a token. On the token was a large "Veto" word. It was the Han Clan's Veto Token.

Malloy held his breath, and then let out a sigh of relief.

He'd thought that Zen was about to perish just now. He hadn't thought that this girl would make a move at that moment. The recent events had been beyond his expectations. A mixture of surprise and relief was seen on his face.

Malloy also didn't know the girl. However, he knew that she was someone extraordinary. Of course, how could someone with a Veto Token be an ordinary person? With a few conjectures in his mind about the girl's background, Malloy approached her. A respectful expression appeared on his face as he cupped his hands towards her. He then said in a humble tone, "Young lady, thank you very much for saving him just now."

The girl's bright eyes blinked as she looked at Malloy. She then wa

en she heard that Malloy had asked Elder Chen to use his Veto Token, she immediately gave up on the idea.

Never would she have thought that at the most crucial moment, Elder Chen would say that his Veto Token was not by his side. A mix of shock and anger crept upon the girl's heart for such a slow response from Elder Chen.

Thus, the girl fiercely glared at Elder Chen as she silently cursed in her heart, 'Why didn't you say it earlier?' Only then did she activate her Veto Token to reject the punishment of the Thousand Commandments Slate. With quick action, Zen was saved.

"How am I going to repay you?" Zen was startled and suddenly had a strange feeling. A confused look was seen on his face.

When he saw that Zen didn't know how to respond, Malloy quickly said from the side, "We still have a few Veto Tokens. After the exam, we'll have someone send them to you. What do you think?"

However, the girl shook her head. She said in a playful tone, "The Veto Tokens are easy to obtain. I don't care about them at all. I saved his life, so according to the rules, his life counts as mine? So he's my man, right?"

When these words came out from the innocent girl's mouth, everyone was stunned.

Zen was also speechless. With his strength, he was brave enough to fight most opponents. However, he was useless against such twisted logic.

To save a warrior's life was definitely a huge favor. However, it didn't mean that the life that was saved belonged to the savior.

This was the first time that this girl had left the Floating Island. As such, she was originally very clueless about worldly affairs. Bruce followed and took care of her along the way, and she hadn't caused any trouble. As Bruce didn't enter the Heavenly Han House, the girl became alone. With an innocent look on her face, she had begun to cause trouble.

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