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   Chapter 2180 The Veto Token (Part Two)

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Upon noticing Malloy's expression then, Zen realized that something was definitely wrong. At the same time though, Master Evil came to his mind with a reminder. "Zen, you have to be careful. You seem to have triggered the Thousand Commandments Slate," he said.

Before, in the Mirror City, Zen had already witnessed the Ten Commandments Slate's power. The Thousand Commandments Slate in the Six-Burden Divine City was much more powerful than the Ten Commandments Slate. Nevertheless, never had he thought that the Heavenly Han House would be so careless. They obviously knew the danger of triggering the Thousand Commandments Slate, and yet they still held such a test!

Crack! Crack!

The ear-piercing claps of thunder were approaching, coming from the horizon and heading straight toward the Heavenly Han House.

Many intelligent warriors seemed to come to their own conclusions on what was going on and scattered in all directions in an attempt to avoid Zen. They were afraid that they would be implicated in the Thousand Commandments Slate's punishment. It wasn't before long that the ball lightning broke through the Heavenly Han House's enchanted barrier and plummeted toward Zen!

The power contained within this lightning ball was enough to heavily injure and even kill a True God. The second it plummeted into the Heavenly Han House, the powerful thunder energy formed a strong electric field, causing the hair of the hundred thousand proving godly warriors to stand on end.

Everyone had one same thought in their minds: this guy, who also went by the name of Thad, was absolutely doomed!

Generally speaking, most people didn't have any conflicts with Zen. After they understood the whole of the situation, they usually felt nothing but pity for him. Zen had easily set an incredible record and

ling to watch his tragic death.

Zen was already prepared to use his Redemption Armor in order to protect his body and then use his greatest strength to defend against the lightning ball. Even though he felt that his chances were slim, he knew he had no other choice. Despite this, a bitter feeling still arose in his heart. He never expected that his life would end like this, in such a ridiculous way!

Right at that moment, the Veto Token in the girl's hand, who was still standing in the corner suddenly emitted a red light, and with an incomparably fast speed, the token flew out of the Heavenly Han House, crossed half of the Six-Burden Divine City in the blink of an eye, and struck the Thousand Commandments Slate straight on. Simultaneously, the lightning ball strangely stopped above Zen's head, kind of just hovering there, just a couple of feet away from him. Even the lightning surrounding it, which resembled thousands of little snakes, had frozen like statues.

Following a slight flash of light from the Thousand Commandments Slate, the rule was temporarily negated. The lightning ball began to disperse rapidly, and all the energy contained within it quickly disappeared without a trace.

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