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   Chapter 2179 The Veto Token (Part One)

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When the short halberd hit the invisible barrier, the sky above the Heavenly Han House began transforming into an illusion of colors, as if various colors of inks had been dropped into water and were now bleeding and intertwining together.

Just as the Han Clan disciple had said, the restrictive power over the Heavenly Han House was actually an enchanted barrier that had been created by borrowing the Thousand Commandments Slate's power.

This said barrier completely covered the sky above the Heavenly Han House. Generally speaking, the barrier wasn't visible to the naked eye. In fact, nobody was capable of seeing it unless there was an enemy attack — then the barrier would activate itself!

However, warriors who were qualified to fight in the Six-Burden Divine City were top-rank True Gods, at the very least. True Gods on Master Evil's level were considered powerless against the Thousand Commandments Slate.

Two divine eras had already passed since the last time the barrier had activated itself due to an enemy attack.

Everyone in the Heavenly Han House, including the True Gods and the proving godly warriors, all stared blankly at the sky. Only a few of the True Gods who had lived for a long time already had seen the barrier being triggered in the past. This though, was the first time the young warriors witnessed such a wondrous scene!

"Oh gosh!"

When Malloy noticed the flowing, blending lights, he suddenly remembered something important and his expression changed at once.

At the same time, he spun his head to the side and roared, "Elder Chen! Hurry up! Use the Veto Token! I'll give you a new one later!"

The True Gods of the Heavenly Han House, including the old man surnamed Wu, had gathered together on a small corner of the land. Every one of these True Gods was equally paying close attention to each of Zen's movements.

"Tell me, wa

floating in the air. On the slate were a thousand rules written in small, golden words. These golden words were personally handwritten by the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan, and these rules had been set long ago by the ancestors of the clan.

Any time someone violated the rules of the Thousand Commandments Slate, the small golden words would begin to shine brightly.

Right now, the words of a paragraph located in the middle of the slate began to flicker with light.

At the same time, a sliver of lightning suddenly appeared above the slate. As the lightning continued to circle in the air, it slowly began to condense itself, finally forming a small ball of lightning.

As the golden words continued flickering with light on the slate, the ball of lightning rapidly grew in size. From no bigger than a closed fist, it quickly became the size of a house!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The outer layer of the lightning ball was a deep shade of indigo, while the inner layer was midnight black. This pitch black layer contained the thunder tribulation's ultimate power.

Once the lightning ball was completely formed, it flew straight toward the Heavenly Han House, leaving nothing behind except a terrifying series of rumbling thunder in the air!

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