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   Chapter 2178 Short Halberds (Part Two)

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"Why?" Seth smiled faintly. He then explained in a warm tone. "Don't you understand? It's both a fortune and misfortune to be born in Han Clan. Everything you have was given by Han Clan, and they have the right to take them away, unless…"

"Unless what?" Zane's expression darkened. He didn't want to believe Seth, but he had no choice but to admit that Seth's words were reasonable.

Seth continued to smile and said, "Unless you can display more powerful strength and better talent than Thad. If you could do that, you should be able to attract the attention of the main Han Clan. Isn't it very simple?"

"Damn it! Is it simple?" Zane cursed. Right now, he could only wish that Zen was a swindler and he had used some trick to intentionally shatter that White Jade Token. However, Zane also knew that it was just an empty wish on his part. Deep in his heart, he feared that Zen was truly more powerful than him.

Zane was not the only one who was jealous of Zen. All the proving godly warriors present saw that Zen had broken the White Jade Token. Not only was he not kicked out, but Zen was instead given a pair of supreme primordial weapons by the master of the Heavenly Han House. Envy was apparent in the eyes of the proving godly warriors present. They felt extremely aggrieved in their hearts …

Zen did not decline. Since he had already decided to join the Han Clan, he would not be too estranged from the Han Clan. He happily accepted the pair of short halberds. Before he threw one of them, he looked at Malloy and asked, "How do you know that I'm a sword cultivator?"

He didn't display his swordsmanship in front of Malloy. The Great Weighty Sword was also in its sheath and was kept in his space ring. There was no apparent evidence that he used a sword.

Malloy smiled faintly. "I can see t

900 feet mark, and I think it will soon break through 1000 feet."

A disciple of the Han Clan chuckled as he heard this, "Breaking through the 1000 feet mark? How absurd! That would be impossible! The binding power in the sky above the Heavenly Han House was created according to the rules of the Thousand Commandments Slate. Generally, the highest point is only 990 feet! No matter how powerful Thad is, would he be able to break the rules of the Thousand Commandments Slate? Even a top-rank True God would find it hard to get rid of this binding force!"

What the warrior said was the truth. The sub-branches of the Han Clan controlled the Thousand Commandments Slate in this area, and the rules were all written by them. As such, the rules naturally favored Heavenly Han House. As for the other proving godly houses in the Six-Burden Divine City, they could not enjoy any special treatment.

But after the short halberd broke through the 900 feet mark, it still easily rose upwards. After a few moments, it reached a height of 990 feet!


The black halberd seemed to have hit something hard before it stopped. Everyone's gaze was high up in the sky, focused on the motionless black halberd.

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