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   Chapter 2177 Short Halberds (Part One)

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Malloy also understood in his heart that the power that Zen had just released was too scary. The others who also saw Zen's power were also mystified. It had simply exceeded the limit of what a proving godly warrior should possess. To be able to shatter the White Jade Token with just a single throw, it was enough to prove his ability…

For someone who had reached such a level, there was no need to rank him. Zen was clearly at a different level compared to the other participants. Malloy could even make an exception and directly recruit Zen into the Heavenly Han House.

However, he needed an excuse to find out Zen's strength!

The Heavenly Han House was also under great pressure. For the past thousand years, the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan had only accepted one disciple. Furthermore, that disciple did not originate from the Heavenly Han House but was a direct descendant from the Floating Island of Han Clan. As such, they still hadn't produced anyone worthy to be a disciple of the Holy Emperor of the Han Clan.

In these thousand years, the Heavenly Han House had already nurtured quite a lot of elites and talents. However, after those talents advanced to become True Gods, their performances were very mediocre. Even the warriors who were recommended by the Heavenly Han House to go to the Floating Island hadn't done anything very impressive. It seemed that the potential of the recruits they had was not that great.

The Han Clan on the Floating Island had already spread the word that if the Heavenly Han House failed to recommend an eligible disciple for the Holy Emperor within the next thousand years, they would distribute the qualifications of recommending warriors to the thirty-six regions. At that time, all the proving godly houses in the thirty-six regions could recommend warriors to the Floating Island of Han Clan! The influence of the Heavenly Han House would gre

e test of the Heavenly Han House, the five descendants of the Han Clan sub-branches had all participated. Due to their great potential, they all had a high opinion of each other's strengths. Originally, all five of them wanted to take over the top five rankings. Additionally, Malloy promised that he would give the pair of short halberds to whoever got the top spot!

The weapon that Zane usually used was a short halberd. Although this particular pair of short halberds were not of high quality, they were still supreme primordial weapons. He didn't expect that his uncle would just give them to Zen like that. It was too unfair. Jealousy and disbelief crept into his heart.

The eyes of the five descendants of the Han Clan sub-branches were all focused on Zen. They had different thoughts in their minds. When Seth saw Zane's indignant expression, he lightly patted him on the shoulder and consoled him, "Uncle Malloy is also doing this for the consideration of our Han Clan sub-branches. This Thad really has such a terrifying strength and talent, so we shouldn't offend him. Don't say anything you shouldn't say. Uncle Malloy might want you to apologize…"

"Why should I apologize!" Zane roared angrily in a low voice. He didn't want Malloy to hear him.

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