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   Chapter 2176 Shatter The White Jade Token

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Zen had originally intended to throw the White Jade Token up as he pleased. He didn't have any desire to fight for the top spot.

After all, he did not want to attract too much attention before even joining the Heavenly Han House.

The only reason he had defeated Eric at the Brilliant Moon Restaurant was that he had been tempted by the five thousand divine might coins. Otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered to take action.

But now, Zane was trying to provoke him.

At the same time, most of the proving godly warriors expectantly turned to Zen.

They wanted to see if Zen was as strong as the rumors said he was or if they were just an exaggeration.

"The rest of you, please throw your White Jade Tokens. Then, I will make a list," Malloy said. Although his tone was very faint and he didn't mention any specific names, everyone could tell that his words were targeted toward Zen in particular. Moreover, Malloy seemed to dislike Zen.

As per Malloy's instructions, the rest of the proving godly warriors threw their White Jade Tokens one by one. Soon, Zen was the only one left holding the White Jade Token.

"He must be a coward," a proving godly warrior said in a low voice.

"Agreed. He's afraid of losing face."

"Everyone who is in the Heavenly Han House should behave themselves. Why is he going against the Han Clan?"

When Zen heard these words, he felt a bit helpless.

He wanted to join the Heavenly Han House. When had he ever gone against the Han Clan?

It was these fellows who had provoked him!

"You're the only one left. Stop putting on airs. Just show your strength!" Zane demanded with a sour expression on his face. The faint smile on Zen's face displeased him.

"Well then..."

Zen sighed softly.

He then gently flipped the White Jade Token twice in his hand.

Zane, Seth, Eric, and even Malloy all watched Zen's White Jade Token with unwavering attention.

Even though the test of the Han Clan had begun, none of them knew Zen's name and origin. Even when Zane had asked him about it outright, he hadn't said anything. Since none of the people present had any measure of Zen's abilities, they were paying close attention to him out of sheer curiosity.

On Zen's White Jade Token were clearly carved the words "Thad Luo from Misty Mountain Village." As soon as they read it, the place erupted into discourse.

"So his surname is Luo."

"Misty Mountain Village? Where is it?"

"Such small villages can be found everywhere in the 36 regions. There might be hundreds of thousands of them. Who knows where this village is?"

Zen had already decided to disguise himself as a divine citizen who came from Misty Mountain Village. Since he had already stepped into the Godly Way, no one would be able to tell that he once used to be a secondary creature.

Ignoring the murmurs around him, he slowly walked forward a few steps before raisin

ctually possessed.

As soon as Malloy had realized that Zen from Misty Mountain Village was not an ordinary warrior, he had begun to be very cautious. However, Zane was still talking nonsense and embarrassing the Han Clan, so Malloy was annoyed and couldn't help scolding him.

But Zane, who had finally gotten a chance to humiliate Zen, didn't want to let go of the matter. His eyes blazed with fury as he insisted, "Uncle Malloy, he intentionally broke..."

"Shut up!" Malloy's voice turned as cold as ice.

As a senior of the Han Clan, he couldn't afford to lose face even if Zane ended up doing a good job today.

"Zane, as Uncle Malloy said, don't say anything," Seth advised.

Seth was one of the many people present who hadn't clearly seen what had happened, but he was good at gauging the atmosphere and reading people's minds. From the surprised and cautious way Malloy and the other True Gods were staring at Zen, Seth could tell that Zen had done something extraordinary just now and that he couldn't be underestimated.

With a drastic change in his attitude, Malloy slowly walked over to Zen. The cold smile on his face had disappeared; now, his face was filled with kindness as he said, "You're Thad Luo, right? And you are from Misty Mountain Village. Our clan rules 36 regions, and there are a total of 13 Misty Mountain Villages. In which region is the Misty Mountain Village you live in located?"

"I come from the Misty Mountain Village in the Vast Sky Region," replied Zen.

"The Vast Sky Region," Malloy repeated, memorizing the name. He was planning to send someone to investigate Zen's background. He smiled at Zen and said, "It's a pity that the White Jade Token has been damaged, but it's not your fault. How about we give you something else to throw? Otherwise, I wouldn't know where to put you on the list."

Zen had no objections to Malloy's arrangement, so he casually nodded his head.

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