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   Chapter 2175 Tossing The White Jade Tokens (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-04 00:02

This year's participants in the Heavenly Han House's exam were far better in both numbers and quality than last year's. As such, Seth's results didn't surprise anyone.

After Seth took the initiative, the other participants began to throw their White Jade Tokens one after another. The tokens all recorded their names and where they came from. When all the tokens were restricted by the force in the air, the order and the detailed information of each of the proving godly warriors would be recorded. The height of their throw would be then announced by one of the proctors.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

When the proving godly warriors were throwing their White Jade Tokens, all of them used their own methods to apply the power they had comprehended onto the tokens. That way, the White Jade Tokens could fly a bit higher and earn the warriors a place in the top rankings. It was the only way they could get a better chance for the examination.

Some of the White Jade Tokens had strong flame energy attached to them. As the tokens flew upwards, a series of strange sounds rumbled throughout the place as each warrior attempted to push their White Jade Token even higher. There were also some White Jade Tokens that had a variety of different types of powers attached to them. Some of these powers came from various Godly Ways, while some merely came from the warriors' brute force to throw the tokens.

These warriors could be called proving godly warriors, so more or less, they had already stepped into the Godly Ways. Their strength and abilities were already impressive. However, they didn't have a deep comprehension of the Godly Ways and were still unable to condense their Godly Tiles.

The vast majorit

nt of the exam. It was a truly fair competition, and they had to rely on their strength. Each of those disciples had already earned some respect due to their own strength.

Zen was still leaning against the wall and tilted his head back slightly. A casual smile was still on his face as he stared indifferently at Zane.

He had never wanted to compete with anyone when he came to the Heavenly Han House. With the Han Clan's Floating Island as his focus, Zen wished to quietly pass the exam. However, Zane inexplicably had to target him.

"Throw the White Jade Token in your hand to the sky. If you don't dare, giving up now will save you some face," Zane said in an arrogant tone. He still wanted to provoke Zen.

Almost all of the one hundred thousand proving godly warriors had tossed their White Jade Tokens up into the air. Most of the energy that surrounded the tokens had already dissipated. The tokens were densely packed in the air, just like a flock of small white birds that were suspended in the air. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

Only a very small number of the proving godly warriors had yet to act. Zen was one of them.

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