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   Chapter 2174 Tossing The White Jade Tokens (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-03 00:20

Zane was at a loss for words. Suddenly, a well-built middle-aged man walked to the center of the yard. With a displeased expression, he quickly shouted, "Quiet down!"

The man's voice was filled with authority as if there was an irresistible force that sealed everyone's mouths. As his voice echoed, the entire Heavenly Han House instantly became abnormally quiet.

The middle-aged man glared at Zane angrily. Seth, who stood beside the man, shook his head slightly.

This middle-aged man was called Malloy Han, Seth's uncle. Additionally, he was also the leader of the Heavenly Han House, who presided over the entrance exam of the Heavenly Han House.

When he noticed that the situation didn't look very good, Seth decided to ask Malloy Han out in advance. He didn't want the situation to grow any worse.

Malloy Han then said, "Only strength matters in the exam of the Heavenly Han House! I believe everyone knows that there have been many Han Clan's disciples who have been eliminated in the past. Guys, I know all of you want to prove the Godly Way and your perseverance is commendable. I feel honored that you choose our Heavenly Han House. If someone here proves the Godly Way, they'll be a member of the Han Clan. It would then be possible that they will be selected by the Floating Island and become a disciple of the Holy Emperor."

His words, combined with the presence hidden in his voice, captivated everyone. A mixture of fear and respect was felt by those who heard him.

True Gods had always wanted to enter the Floating Islands. Even for a reclusive overlord like Master Evil, he had always hoped to be enrolled by one of the Floating Islands. Nonetheless, it was an unattainable dream for most True Gods.

Furthermore, what Malloy Han said was not false. The Han Clan had also constantly nurt

ched six hundred and seventy feet," a person from the Heavenly Han House announced in a rather formal voice.

Zen leaned against the wall and stared indifferently at the little white dot in the air. Although he hadn't been in the Six-Burden Divine City for long, he had at least investigated and knew the rules of the test.

The chance of accomplishment of the examination wasn't equal for the participants. After all, when one hundred thousand people were assessed together, there had to be a sequence. The martial artists at the front naturally held the advantage. As such, every year before the start of the exam, they would throw out White Jade Tokens to determine the order of each proving godly warrior.

There was an extremely strong restrictive force in the sky above the Heavenly Han House. The higher the White Jade Token went, the stronger the restrictive force became. The only way to go higher was with incredible strength.

Last year, the highest score that the participants in the Heavenly Han House had achieved was only five hundred and twenty feet. This year, the first participant's result had already surpassed last year's best result. The proctors of the exam all had expectant eyes.

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