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   Chapter 2173 The Heavenly Han House

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Every name on that list was a matter of great concern.

Undoubtedly, it was that mysterious young man who had the highest level of attention.

No one noticed Zen when he appeared at the gate of the Heavenly Han House.

But once he was discovered and identified, word spread quickly.

Soon after, in the vast yard of the Heavenly Han House, everyone knew that the proving godly warrior clad in plain clothes was the young man who had defeated Eric in a single move.

Eric's eyes shot through the crowd and landed right on Zen.

His eyes were like two awls that pierced straight through Zen.

Back in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, before Eric could even react, he was already defeated by Zen. After Zen hit him, Eric was rendered unconscious. Later, he woke up to the dreadful fact that he had been defeated in a single move.

Five thousand divine might coins were by no means a small amount of money, but to Eric, it was nothing.

Recently, everyone had been talking about that young man. As Zen had not left his name behind, people referred to him as "the one who defeated Eric in a single move." Eric had become a mere stepping stone for Zen, much to his shame.

Because of Zen's sensitivity, he immediately felt Eric's hostility.

Apart from him, there were others in the crowd who didn't seem too friendly.

A faint smile still hung on Zen's face as he walked through the crowd, not caring in the slightest.

After confirming Eric's strength, Zen had a complete understanding of the strength these proving godly warriors had.

In the Evolutionary Universe, when ordinary talents became world lords, they grew even stronger than these proving godly warriors. The proving godly warriors were no match for top-ranked ace talents or Godly Geniuses. Zen had no interest in dealing with these proving godly warriors, but to him, entering the Heavenly Han House was mandatory.

Wherever Zen passed by, the surrounding proving godly warriors gave way for him.

Some were envious of him and some believed he was a nobody—he must have been lucky enough to be able to be on par with the elite warriors of big clans.

Still, there were those who felt that Zen wouldn't be happy for long. If someone targeted Zen in the exam of the Heavenly Han House, he could very well be eliminated.

News of the mysterious young man who defeated Eric in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant had also reached Master Wu. Despite being a True God, he was also very curious about this powerful man blessed with luck. Hearing the commotion, he pushed his way through the crowd.

When his eyes landed on Zen, he

e Heavenly Han House should at least guarantee the fairness of the test.

Otherwise, the whole exam was a joke.

Although the chances of these warriors being admitted into the Heavenly Han House were low, it didn't stop them from pursuing it. Fairness was a must.

As Zen quieted down, the rest of the warriors began chattering among themselves.

"That's right. If Zane thinks he's an examiner, then he can just announce that he has passed the exam and joined the Heavenly Han House. Why does he still need to act for everyone to see?"

"We came all the way here just to be toyed with?"

"Every year, half the slots are taken up by the disciples of Han Clan. Just enroll them and stop with the act!"

Before long, the faint discussions grew into a wave of booing.

Some even began making a ruckus.

"It seems there's no need for an exam this year. Just let the Heavenly Han House decide on who can enter."

"I thought one's comprehension and strength were what mattered, but I was wrong. The Han Clan has the final say.

We might as well just leave now."

Of course, the warriors weren't intending to leave. They were just relieved to have someone take the lead in venting their anger.

The playfulness in Zen's eyes grew more apparent the longer he stared at Zane. He was deliberately guiding the emotions of these proving godly warriors to say such words. But he didn't think the result would be so satisfying.

The booing grew louder and louder, spreading back and forth like a tidal wave through the courtyard.

It was something completely new to Zane, leaving him in a panic. Although he could represent the Han Clan, its rules still stood. If he caused unnecessary trouble, he would be severely punished.

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