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   Chapter 2172 The Test (Part Two)

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The vast majority of those who participated in the test were all abnormally excited. Eager expressions could be seen on their faces.

Proving godly warriors were not rare in the divine land. As for the majority of the divine citizens, if they wanted to cultivate up to the world lord realm, it would not be too difficult for them to reach that level even if they just relied on their willpower. The real difficulty was in the cultivation of the Godly Way and the ability to condense a Godly Tile, which only a few people could do. If one could enter the Heavenly Han House, they would be helped by the Heavenly Han House. As such, the achievement of such difficult tasks would be more attainable. Once they could condense the Godly Tile and get an infinite lifespan, they would have a bright future.

Thus, a considerable number of proving godly warriors participated in the test of the Heavenly Han House. They all wanted to see if they could pass nearly every year. Only a few of them would pass each year. However, they still didn't give up hope. They would usually try again next year.

On the platform at the side of the arena, five proving godly warriors either stood or sat. Those five people occasionally glanced down at the black mass of proving godly warriors. Disdain was apparent in their eyes.

"Brother, why are these divine citizens so excited? Over a hundred thousand people are fighting for over twenty places. Are they all here just to take the test for fun?" Among the five people, a man asked with a smile. An arrogant expression could be seen in his face. That person was Seth Han, who was ranked third on the list of examinees of the Heavenly Han House's test.

"You're right, they might not have viewed themselves objectively," Hector Han said with a smile. He w

t today.

The old man surnamed Wu had spent the past few days trying to eliminate the 'two taboos' based on the mystical method that Zen had taught him.

Although he only cultivated it for few days, it actually showed a little effect. He had a stubborn personality and did not like to owe favors to others. Even after Thad taught him such an impressive technique, he had only given him a place to take the test. That was too petty of him.

In the eyes of the old man surnamed Wu, Thad couldn't enter the Heavenly Han House. Nonetheless, he still wanted to return Thad the favor. If Thad came today to take the test, then he would have a valuable gift for him.

Unfortunately, he didn't see Thad. The old man thought that Thad had lost his confidence and directly chose to give up. That kind of thing happened very often in the Heavenly Han House's test. Warriors would usually suffer from stage fright and retreat from the test.

At that moment, a loud discussion among the crowd was heard. The proving godly warriors all suddenly chattered about a person who just arrived.

"Is it really him?"

"The one that defeated Eric in one move? Are you sure?"

"He looks so ordinary..."

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