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   Chapter 2171 The Test (Part One)

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Since the girl's uncle was able to dig out this piece of mud, there was a very high possibility that there would be another. Hopefully, there would be a third, or maybe even more.

Zen also had a headache due to that little girl's character. She was simply a girl who saw only money. Without any hesitation, she had already tricked Zen once. If he went to her directly, he would probably be ripped off again.

However, the condensation of his Godly Tile was the most important thing for Zen at that moment. If he really could find the other pieces of mud, then he would have to accept it no matter the cost. The condensation of his Godly Tile was worth more than mere divine might coins.

As he thought about it, Zen could no longer stay calm. A conflicted expression appeared in his face. After he lifted the seal on Master Evil, he asked, "Do you know where that little girl came from?"

Master Evil was surprised by Zen's query. With a curious tone, he asked Zen, "That piece of mud, is it really effective on you?" When Master Evil saw Zen's expression, he naturally understood that Zen had bought the right thing. However, he was still confused about the use of that piece of mud.

Zen nodded, "Yes, it is very important to me!"

"That young lady claimed to be from the Tie Clan. It must be the Tie Clan outside the Six-Burden Divine City," Master Evil said as he recalled.

As the ancestral land of the Han Clan, the Six-Burden Region was much larger than those small regions. However, the surname Tie was not a great one, and even Master Evil only knew one Tie Clan in the Six-Burden Region. It was a rather small and unknown group. Master Evil smiled and said, "The Tie Clan is not even considered as one of the third-tier clans in the Six-Burden Region, so they can't force their way into the Six-Burden Divine City.

ad the same surname, Han.

Though those warriors were all merely disciples from the Han Clan's branches, their surname was still something they could be proud of. In reality, the people who managed the Han Clan's ancestral land all belonged to the small branches of the Han Clan. Some of them who were in-laws even took the initiative to change their surname to Han.

The real Han Clan had long gone to the Floating Island. Zen had met the two Han sisters in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. Both of them radiated beauty and prestige. Even in the real Han Clan, their status was extraordinary.

However, even if it was just the Han Clan's branch family, they were still far more powerful than the ordinary second-tier and third-tier clans. In the past, the five most popular people in the Heavenly Han House usually had the surname Han.

However, there were some exceptions this year. The nameless young man who defeated Eric in one move in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant was ranked fourth. Everyone was still in awe of how the nameless young man defeated Eric.

The vast space within the Heavenly Han House was now filled with a sea of people. Countless warriors wanted to be a part of the Heavenly Han House.

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