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   Chapter 2170 A Tiny Crystal (Part Two)

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The process continued for a long time. Finally, the sword clouds became dimmer and dimmer. Darkness had engulfed each of them. They were actually completely absorbed by the Godly Plate!

With a flash of his body, Zen arrived at the top of the Godly Plate. He focused his gaze and saw that there was a hair-like object in the middle of the Godly Plate. It also emitted a brown light, and it seemed to be some sort of crystal. The thin crystal in the Godly Plate radiated a strange essence.

After he observed the crystal for a while, Zen composed himself. He then reached out his hand and touched the crystal.

The moment Zen touched the crystal, it suddenly released an absurd amount of extremely sharp energy. Zen's guard wasn't fast enough to react to the crystal's energy!


In the blink of an eye, Zen's arm was cut off!

After the attack, Zen instinctively retreated to avoid the released energy. With a light wave of his broken arm, a brand-new arm was instantly formed. Although he was injured by the hair-like crystal, Zen still revealed a smile on his face. With curious eyes, he stared at the crystal.

The hair-like crystal should be an essential part in the formation of a Godly Tile. Or rather, the crystal was an extremely small Godly Tile. It was also the embodiment of Zen's complete comprehension of the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

It was all thanks to that piece of mud that Zen was able to form the tiny crystal!

Although it was very far from a complete Godly Tile, Zen was happy that he had found the right direction. He finally had a clue on how to form his Godly Tile. That was the most crucial point!

After a while, the Evil God caught up t

thing was that he had the chance to leave Zen's inner world which was like a cage to him!

"Creator, I will definitely help you take care of this world," the Evil God said with a serious expression.

Zen nodded his head lightly. The Evil God was indeed very smart. With a committed attitude, the Evil God played the role of a gardener in Zen's inner world. He helped Zen carefully manage the inner world so that the many forces in his inner world would no longer fight and the number of life forms in the world would steadily increase.

Not long after, the avatar of Zen dissipated from the inner world…

Then, Zen suddenly opened his eyes as a smile appeared on his face. He was finally able to make some progress. However, his smile didn't last long.

It seemed that the miraculous mud was indeed helpful in the condensation of his Godly Tile. However, the problem was that he had only stumbled upon it with great luck. He only obtained a piece of it from the Money Alley. If he really wanted to condense his Godly Tile, he would need a considerable amount of such mud. But where could he find more of the mud?

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