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   Chapter 2169 A Tiny Crystal (Part One)

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The condensation of one's own Godly Tile was a very complicated process.

Moreover, the situation would be completely different from each martial artist. The difficulty would be based on their own comprehension of the Godly Ways.

Zen's talent was not inferior to Rocher's. However, Rocher was still able to condense his Godly Tile before Zen. The reason for such fast development had something to do with the composition of Rocher's inner world.

Rocher's inner world was completely condensed with life vitality. After his sea of life vitality was formed, it turned into ordinary seawater. Every day the seawater evaporated and gathered in the clouds in the sky. As such, a complete life vitality cycle was formed in his inner world. The design was simply ingenious!.

In fact, the cycle was a "purification" process.

Ten Godly Geniuses had received a Godly Plate from Irene. To this day, the Godly Plates had remained fixed within their inner worlds.

As the life vitality got constantly purified, it transformed into pure, white clouds. The clouds contained one's comprehension of the Godly Way. Additionally, the clouds would be continuously filtered through the Godly Plate. A Godly Tile would then be slowly formed in the Godly Plate…

However, there was no such process within Zen's inner world. His inner world was completely different from Rocher's and the others'.

Without that particular process, it became very difficult for Zen to condense his Godly Tile. He tried to activate the power of chaotic energy. Additionally, he combined it with his comprehension of the Emotion Closing Godly Way. He wanted to inject the chaotic energy into the Godly Plate, but after countless experiments, there was no significant effect. There was still no Godly Tile formed in his Godly Plate.

Back then, Mike had already followed

shadows flew around, they emitted a sharp aura. Sound of the metals clashed against each other reverberated through his inner world.

"Sword clouds, condense!"

With expectant eyes, Zen had condensed all of his insights about the Emotion Closing Godly Way into those clouds. Afterward, the brown-colored clouds had turned into a cluster of sword clouds!

"This momentum! What's happening?!"

The Evil God looked at the "clouds" in the sky with eyes filled with shock. A small gap could be seen in his mouth as his mind was filled with confusion.

Although the Evil God had lost to Zen before, the power Zen used was the power that governed this inner world. As such, the Evil God could not resist the power. That was the Creator's privilege. Zen's power would irresistibly affect those inside his inner world.

However, the Evil God had never seen Zen's true strength.

Now that the Evil God had seen Zen's comprehension of the Emotion Closing Godly Way, his heart was stirred. A strong emotion had swirled deep inside the Evil God.

The sword clouds floated rapidly in the air. Finally, they reached the side of the Godly Plate. With great precision, they moved towards the Godly Plate and gathered around it…

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