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   Chapter 2168 Cloud

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On the surface, it looked like this piece of mud was an ordinary object, scattered all over the outskirts of the Six-Burden Divine City.

Zen immersed his consciousness into it, but didn't discover anything out of the ordinary.

If this really was an ordinary piece of mud, putting it in his inner world wouldn't cause any trouble at all.

As this thought crossed his mind, Zen inwardly said to Master Evil, "I need to meditate and cultivate now."

Master Evil rolled his eyes and shrunk his soul into a ball. Strands of purple light flashed on the surface of his soul and condensed to form the word 'seal'. He had sealed his soul on his own.

This seal could only be undone from the outside. Zen would release Master Evil's soul once he finished his cultivation.

Zen had earlier told Master Evil that he would not allow anyone to spy on him while he was cultivating.

Back in the Misty Mountain Village, Zen had neglected this important point because he was too anxious to suppress the Evil God. But at the time, Master Evil's soul had also been on the verge of collapsing, which was why he hadn't tried to pry into Zen's inner world. There were some secrets that Master Evil knew but it was not as big a deal as to make an impact. Zen was cautious at the moment.

Zen took the piece of mud in his hands and placed it in front of his belly. As he activated his cinnabar field, a faint light flowed out of his abdomen, forming a short passage between his inner world and the divine land.

The consciousness within his inner world was still restless, continuously urging Zen.

Zen was hesitant as he looked at the brown mud. But it was not long before all his hesitation disappeared from his face. With a wave of his hands, the mud disappeared from his hands.

In the inner world...

the dust condensed in the sky, and before long, had turned into an incarnation of Zen. He looked up in time to see a black dot fall from the sky.

Zen had now personally entered his inner world.

He flew towards the mud at the same descending speed as the mud's, keeping a close eye on its movements.

But the piece of mud continued to roll down and fall.

As it gathered speed, it began to disintegrate into bits and pieces in the air.

It wasn't long before the mud finally fell into the chaotic sea.

The mud was the exact same color as the brown chaotic sea. It had disappeared without a trace, but Zen could still feel its presence.

Zen stood motionlessly on the surface of the chaotic sea and quietly observed the changes within.

With a swooshing sound, a figu


The bubbles were releasing these tiny droplets of water, continuously rising, converging and creating a mist in the sky.

"What's that?"

the Evil God asked in surprise when he saw the misty object in the sky.

Zen smiled and replied, "You can call it a cloud."

The inner world that Zen had built was actually incomplete and was somewhat different from the divine land in essence. The biggest difference was that everything within the divine land was transformed by the chaotic energy.

For example, a tree in the divine land was an ordinary creature because it was formed from the chaotic energy. But it wouldn't return to the chaotic energy once it dissolved.

Moreover, to the creatures of the divine land, the chaotic energy was an extremely poisonous substance that they couldn't resist. Only Holy Beings and divine trees could resist the corrosive power of the chaotic energy.

The creatures within Zen's inner world, on the other hand, were born directly from the chaotic sea. This chaotic sea was liquefied chaotic energy. These creatures frequently touched the chaotic energy and weren't eroded.

This meant that the chaotic sea did not transform into ordinary seawater, and the liquefied chaotic energy would not evaporate. There were naturally no clouds in this world, and the Evil God obviously did not know what a cloud was either.

"Is that a cloud?" the Evil God muttered as he stared at the cloud in the sky that gradually became denser as time passed.

The water droplets continued to condense, the brown cloud became thicker, and the light in Zen's eyes became brighter. He had never thought that the problem that had puzzled him for so long would be solved by a piece of mud!

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