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   Chapter 2167 Deal

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Zen felt a headache coming on.

He was not good at putting on airs and what was worse, he had let this little girl see through him.

"This price isn't for you alone," Linn said. "In the past few years, I told anyone who asked about the price of this mud the same thing: that it was priced at five hundred divine might coins. But I feel that it is more appropriate to ask you for a thousand divine might coins. I know you know the value of this mud."

Linn was speaking the truth. She knew this piece of mud was extraordinary, but what made it special, she didn't know. No one in the Six-Burden Divine City would be able to point it out.

And now, Zen came along, seeming to know everything about the mud. How could she let him go?

Linn was right. Even if she charged Zen a thousand divine might coins, he would probably have no choice but to accept it.

He was clear about what was going on in his inner world. This thing would probably turn out to be extremely useful to him if it was able to evoke such a reaction from his inner world's consciousness. But the twist was: he did not know how it could benefit him.

However, he was not willing to spend five hundred gold coins on the mud. He shook his head and said, "It's too expensive. I'm just a proving godly warrior. How could I have that much money?"

Five hundred divine might coins! Even mid-rank True Gods couldn't take out that much money. Most proving godly warriors were extremely poor, and would have to work hard for a long time just to earn a divine might coin.

Linn's eyes were full of regret. She had obviously thought of this. How could she even expect a proving godly warrior to take out so much money? But she knew that the proving godly warriors who dared enter the Money Alley more or less had some background. And she continued talking in order to probe the best price Zen could offer.

"Then how much can you offer?" Linn asked.

"I only have thirty divine might coins," Zen replied.

"Only thirty?" Linn stared at Zen, the corners of her mouth lifting into a smile. "That's too less. I can't sell it at that price."

"Well, that's all I have," Zen said regretfully and turned to leave.

Linn's smile didn't slip as she watched Zen leave. She was still counting to herself. One step, two steps, three steps… Ten steps, eleven steps…

He was not far away when he suddenly turned around and walked back. He declared loudly, "I'll double it! Sixty divine might coins!"

Linn shook her head.

If the seniors of the Tie Clan were to see this scene, they would probably curse Linn for being stupid for not accepting it.

They knew that they'd be happy to get ten divine might coins in exchange for the piece of mud, the use of which they had absolutely no idea about. And now when someone had offe

"Luck? If you do not rely on your cultivation of a True God, can you defeat that young master from the Hulan Clan?"

Amidst these discussions, Zen took over the piece of mud from Linn. The moment he grabbed the mud, the consciousness from his inner world started to pour out like a hungry wolf setting eyes on a sheep. It could not wait any longer.

"Really? So many divine might coins just to buy a piece of mud?"

"The Tie Clan has placed that piece of trash there as a treasure for several years. That young girl from the Tie Clan knows how to do business, but this piece of mud has always been priced at five hundred!"

"Five hundred divine might coins? I'll eat that piece of mud if it can be sold at that price!"

"Too late. It had already been sold."

Everyone was dumbfounded. They could not believe that someone would buy that item at such a preposterously high price. What was more, the one who had bought it was the kid who had just become famous by defeating Eric.

After Zen had counted the divine might coins and paid the bill, he stuffed the mud into his space ring and left, the crowd parting as he made his way out.

He had been ripped off by the little girl, but Zen still felt that it was worth it. He believed that this seemingly ordinary object contained quite a few secrets.

Master Evil didn't ask anything along the way. He knew that if Zen wasn't willing to tell him, it must be related to his secret. Master Evil also knew that he was relying on Zen now, so he wouldn't ask about things he shouldn't know.

Once he returned to his temporary residence in the Six-Burden Divine City, Zen sat down with his legs crossed. He placed the piece of mud in front of him and carefully inspected it.

His inner world's consciousness was now restless. Out of caution, Zen would not casually place this item into his cinnabar field.

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