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   Chapter 2166 Sky-High Price (Part Two)

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Of course, the members of the Tie Clan were naturally all upset, but after studying it for more than ten years, they eventually gave up. They firmly believed that this thing was far from ordinary though, and took it to the Six-Burden Divine City. Here, they found a few True Gods with incredibly keen eyesight to verify the mud. Upon seeing the mud, the first words uttered by the True Gods were, "What is this? Did your Tie Clan go mad from poverty and use a piece of the mud dug out from the ground to fool us?"

In a fit of anger, the Tie Clan's leader left the mud to this little girl in the Money Alley.

The Tie Clan rented a stall in the Money Alley. It was run by the daughter of the Tie Clan's leader, a little girl named Linn Tie. Over the past two years, many True Gods had noticed this piece of mud; after all, it was quite unusual to find an ordinary mud for sale in Money Alley. If it was really a piece of ordinary mud, why would the stall owner bother to let it occupy a pot in the stall, they all wondered.

Whenever someone asked, Linn would tell them this same story. With her numerously told story, many people became quite interested in the piece of mud. After all, there would always be people willing to spend a little money to buy an opportunity. What if this mud really was a treasure? How could they know without getting their hands on it first?

However, when they heard the little Linn's price, the interested True Gods became so angered that they glared at her and cursed her loudly for being crazy. It turned out that Linn was asking for five hundred divine might coins.

ite difficult for them to be capable of affording it.

And yet, shockingly enough, the little girl still shook her head once again, this time revealing her silver teeth as she sweetly smiled and said, "Five hundred divine might coins."

"What clan does this girl belong to? Is she out of her mind?" Master Evil said in Zen's mind.

Before Zen could say anything aloud, Master Evil's voice was heard cursing in his mind.

In Master Evil's eyes, the piece of mud was worthless. Despite that though, Zen had a few secrets that Master Evil wasn't aware of and perhaps Zen could really see the value of the mud. Never had he imagined that this young girl would have an asking price five hundred divine might coins. Now that was not only daring, but outrageous, too.

And upon hearing Linn's price, Zen couldn't help but frown in an instant. Simultaneously though, he noted a trace of slyness on the girl's fair face. He was in a dilemma now, for he couldn't figure out the value of the piece of mud but his need of it came from the consciousness of his inner world.

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