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   Chapter 2165 Sky-High Price (Part One)

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The consciousness of Zen's inner world was soon suppressed by Zen.

Despite having done so, the surging waves of consciousness continued to spread out, constantly reminding Zen that this item was more than just important.

As Zen was the creator of this world, this consciousness also belonged to Zen, and such waves simply couldn't resist him.

In the past, while Master Evil was communicating with Zen, he had warned him that an inner world's consciousness wasn't necessarily entirely safe. If he was careless, such consciousness might even occupy his body.

There had once been True Gods who had neglected to monitor and manage their own inner worlds. Within such inner worlds were born very ambitious secondary creatures. Through the method of controlling the Godly Tile, these creatures succeeded in destroying the True God's soul.

Luckily enough for the True Gods, only the secondary creatures from a Holy Being's inner world could actually comprehend the Godly Way and eventually escape. Although the aforementioned secondary creatures obtained the bodies of those Gods of Creation through the Godly Tile, they remained confined within their inner worlds, without possibility of ever entering the divine land. In other words, these True Gods all became walking corpses.

During the period of time that Zen's cinnabar field had been sealed, a creature like these had equally appeared, Evil God. If Zen hadn't interfered, it was very likely that Evil God would have been able to do this to Zen, as well. After being suppressed by Zen though, Evil God became much quieter.

Now that the entire inner world was suddenly so intrigued by the piece of "mud", there was no way Zen was going to ignore it.

"Let me see," Zen replied calmly to the little girl. In his mind, h

sty Mountain Village, but despite that, they still weren't strong enough to be considered among the third-tier clans.

"Human form? Escape? This mud must really have spirituality then," Zen nodded in agreement, somewhat surprised.

"That's right! And my uncle was so happy and pretty proud, too," the little girl added as she laughed. "But I guess after being bound by my uncle, this piece of mud seemed to have lost its spirituality, and later on, it became like this…"

As it turned out, after the Tie Clan had obtained this piece of mud and controlled it, they had self-proclaimed it to be an incredible treasure.

Throughout all the divine land, many spiritual objects existed. Time here was endless and as a result, bizarre things would appear every now and again. Time could give many things a spiritual sense, but a piece of mud that had spirituality was extremely rare, to say the least.

After obtaining the piece of mud, the Tie Clan had secretly and carefully studied it for a long time. Despite having been doing so, they couldn't find anything special about the said piece of mud. It literally was just as Master Evil had said — an absolutely ordinary piece of mud.

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