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   Chapter 2164 A Piece Of Mud

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Zen did not expect to see golden Sanskrit words in the Money Alley of all places.

What was more shocking was that they were actual, real Sanskrit words. Zen was certain since there was no way to fake the genuine auras they exuded.

The stall owner was a sleeping old man in plain clothes. He was a low-rank True God and seemed completely indifferent to his surroundings.

"Can the Sanskrit words be sold?" Zen asked in his mind.

"Why do you ask? Sanskrit words are normal commodities here in the divine land. Of course they can be traded," Master Evil said in response.


It didn't really sit right with Zen. To him, every single Sanskrit word was filled with extremely rich meaning. If he could decipher just one word, then he was bound to benefit greatly from it.

The old man's stall was densely packed with over a hundred brocade boxes, so did that mean there were over a hundred Sanskrit words here?

"Look at the Sanskrit word in your hand. This is the very first word Holy Waldo discovered years ago and its meaning has long been comprehended by hundreds of people. It has been widely spread all throughout the divine land. What's so great about it?" Master Evil said, trying to convince Zen of the lightness of the matter. "The other words in this stall have most probably already been seen by so many people. They're not that special."

The discovery of the first golden Sanskrit word had left a profound impact on the divine land, causing a frenzy of divine citizens to search for other Sanskrit words all over the land. Each discovered word was then copied countless times.

This led to the widespread circulation of the early discovered Sanskrit words.

That first batch spanned roughly around 90 words that many talented individuals translated and deciphered.

These Sanskrit words were by no means rare, and since this old man dared sell them, he must have obtained new understandings and explanations for these words.

"If it's a new Sanskrit word, never seen before yet readable, then that word's value would be extremely terrifying. That type of Sanskrit word would greatly alarm the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands. That kind of precious Sanskrit word could never be sold here," Master Evil added.

"What do you mean the value would be extremely terrifying?" Zen asked, his heart skipping a beat by Master Evil's words.

Back in the fairy palace, Geoffrey had managed to read the Sanskrit words in the library. Zen

e stepped into the Soul Sea Realm. This was the very first time he did so.

Zen frowned, not quite understanding why such a thought was transmitted from his elixir field.

However, before he could think about it any further, the consciousness reminded Zen to turn his head. He immediately conceded and found himself face to face with another stall. The owner was a young girl who wore an orange dress. She was very pretty, and looked around sixteen to seventeen years old. Zen knew though that it was impossible to judge one's age just by their appearance.

His gaze shifted from the owner to an item she was selling.

A number of strange things lined the stall, most of which Zen did not even recognize.

However, one object caught his eye. It was at the edge of the stall: an unremarkable piece of mud, covered in dust.

The girl smiled sweetly at Zen. "Is there anything you wish to buy?"

"What did you take a fancy to?" Master Evil also asked. There didn't seem to be anything of value in this stall but he could clearly feel the tremble in Zen's soul. Whatever it was that he saw seemed to be extremely important.

Zen did not answer either of them and simply continued to stare at that lump of brown mud.

At that moment, the consciousness that had come out from his elixir field suddenly wrestled Zen's own consciousness and took control of his body. Pretty soon, the young man found himself moving towards that piece of mud.

This only lasted for a moment. A glint flashed across Zen's eyes as he immediately suppressed his inner world's consciousness, halting his footsteps. However, he still stared at that lump of mud.

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