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   Chapter 2163 The Money Alley

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Zen was highly irritated. Over the past few days, there were always people who sneakily followed him no matter where he went.

Although those people hid well, Zen could still detect their presence. Then again, he didn't need to bother with them as it was very safe in the Six-Burden Divine City.

He shifted his focus back to his priority, which was to get some essential items such as the space ring that could store things.

He had been using the sword sheath as a substitute for a while now, but he found that it wasn't very convenient at all. Now that Zen had earned five thousand divine might coins in one go, he could buy anything he wanted.

After a few moments under the guidance of Master Evil, Zen had crossed more than half of the Six-Burden Divine City and had now arrived at a small alley.

"Money Alley? You mean here?" asked Zen.

His face twisted into an unreadable expression as he stood in front of the alley.

The pathway was very narrow and could allow only one person to pass through and from the outside, it looked rather plain and even shabby.

"Hehe, of course this is the place. The Money Alley is very famous in the Six-Burden Divine City. As long as you have the divine might coins, you can buy any strange things that you could imagine," Master Evil said with a smile.

"But why people like to come to this narrow alley?" Clearly, the alley's appearance confused Zen.

Suddenly, Zen heard a loud, rough voice behind him that sounded like rocks that were rubbed against each other.

"Get out of the way!"

Zen quickly dodged to the side and turned around, only to see a group of about seven people who walked towards the Money Alley.

The owner of the voice was a fat guy at the forefront of the group. His body's girth was equivalent to his height, which made him look like a ball.

When Zen saw him, his eyes flashed in realization. "A mid-rank True God!"

Zen had seen quite a lot of True Gods after he came out of the Evolutionary Universe, but the majority of them were only low-rank True Gods. The only mid-rank True Gods he knew were Master Evil, Wayne, Yorick, and a few others.

There was a time when he had asked Master Evil why there were only a few mid-rank True Gods.

And since Master Evil had always answered Zen's questions, he naturally indulged him.

The divine land was an extremely stable world, completely different from the environments in any universe.

Incidents rarely happened in such a world, and there were rarely any talents or unique beings who could change the world. It was safe to say that the vast majority of the divine citizens did not have very long-term aspirations. Even if they did become True Gods, it would be very hard for them to become mainstream powerful masters, and it was even less possible for them to achieve the consummation of True Gods; and even more unlikely for them to become Holy Beings.

In other words, the paths for lower level martial artists to advance to achieve higher levels were completely blocked.

"The martial a

. Those quiet ones simply placed the items they sold on the stall and sat on the side, their eyes closed in contemplation.

"This Heavenly Spirit Root was unearthed three divine eras ago. It's only for twenty divine might coins!"

At that moment, a certain seller's voice caught Zen's ears. Zen immediately turned and saw a section of shiny wood in the stall on the left. The piece of wood was crisscrossed like a catapult and its surface glowed jade green. It was indeed, quite eye-catching.

"Hey, man. Are you interested?"

The stall owner was also a low-rank True God and didn't seem to mind Zen's identity as a proving godly warrior, as seen in his friendly disposition towards Zen.

He went closer to the stall and examined the shiny piece of glowing wood. "What is this?" Zen asked curiously.

"Haven't you heard of the Heavenly Spirit Root? It is something that can increase one's talent. It can be swallowed directly, or it can be refined into a Heavenly Spirit Pill. After one takes it, their mind would become clear and their comprehension will soar," the True God said as he smiled, his eyes both shaped like upturned crescents.

However, Zen remained silent as Master Evil quickly said in his mind, "It's fake! Not even two hundred divine might coins would get you a genuine Heaven Spirit Root, much less twenty!"

Once Master Evil had finished, Zen turned around and left without a word.

"Hey, man! Don't go…" the True God helplessly shouted a few more times. He could only sigh. It was truly harder and harder to deceive younger people these days, he thought.

Meanwhile, Zen continued his stroll as his eyes wandered about. Just then, a ray of light burst out from somewhere, and he quickly followed where it was.

It led him to a shop with several brocade boxes. The brocade box on the outermost was already opened, and inside it was a golden Sanskrit word. There were small densely-packed characters around the Sanskrit word, which turned out to be notes that explained the Sanskrit word.

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