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   Chapter 2162 Zen's Information

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Zen's rhetorical question caught Lambert by surprise.

Lambert stared coldly at Zen and asked, "Which clan do you come from?"

Zen smiled. "Why should I tell you?"

Lambert knew this tactic as a swift and decisive person. Zen answered himself with three "why" words in a row.

He already realized that threats were useless against Zen. After all, Zen was a very fearless person.

But as a guard of the Hulan Clan, Lambert had to be observant and smart. Since Eric had lost five thousand divine might coins, he would not refuse to give them to Zen under the watchful eyes of the people. After all, there still happened to be the elders of the other clans on the fifth and sixth floors of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant.

Without looking back, Lambert walked up towards the other side. Meanwhile, the two servants of the Huoulan Clan had already helped Eric up.

Lambert reached out his hand and gently pointed at Eric's forehead. Just then, a powerful ray of light coruscated from between Eric's eyebrows. His mind was just put at rest.

Eric suffered a great amount of bone damage after Zen's hit. However, it was common knowledge that physical injuries were easiest to heal, taking around two to three days to recover. This was supposed to be no hindrance to his test of the Heavenly Han House. What worried Lambert the most was Eric's soul because he did not dare to underestimate Zen's power.

Fortunately, only a small hole was found on Eric's soul, so it was not really something to worry about. It seemed that Zen had been lenient on him, but Lambert still sighed in his heart. It was hard for him to imagine how a proving godly warrior could cultivate his soul to such a state.

After collecting all the divine might coins on the ground, Zen cupped his hands in salute towards Lambert and the others. Then, as if there was no one else present, he walked out of Brilliant Moon Restaurant with his head held high.

Gasps and whispers filled the restaurant once Zen exited.

"Who the hell was that man?"

"Well, he used the food in the restaurant to refine a food pill, so he should be a citizen of Six-Burden Divine City, right?"

"That's not even the point. I just wonder how he became so strong. He defeated Eric with only one move. It seems that he even played it easy on him. Eric would have been dead if he went all out."

These people continuously wondered but had no clue that Zen was more powerful than anything they could ever imagine.

On the other hand, Eric was just an elite disciple from a second-tier clan.

Even the proving godly warriors who were trained by the influential clans on the Floating Islands were no match for Zen. Eric didn't stand a chance.

Due to the special nature of Zen's inner world, he had not managed to condense the Godly Tile. But once he successfully condensed the Godly Tile, his strength would be enhanced by millions. By then, o

o fight hand-to-hand. In other words, the basic martial skills played an important role.

Now, Zen had to be very careful when using chaotic energy. He didn't dare to use the Emotion Closing Godly Way as it was classified forbidden in the divine land. If he was caught using it, he would get into a lot of trouble.

Zen didn't use his trump cards now, but he was still full of confidence nonetheless.

According to Master Evil's analysis, as one of the three great clans under the rule of the Han Clan, the Hulan Clan was quite powerful. Eric was from this clan, and was renowned one of the best warriors they had to offer.

But since Eric proved to be powerless against Zen, the disciples of the other clans would be even less likely to fight back.

Although there might be a few strong competitors, Heavenly Han House offered at least ten spots. Given his abilities, Zen would not fall out of the top ten. Therefore, he had a sure spot in the Heavenly Han House.

Before the test, many clans would order their men to gather information about their competitors in Six-Burden Divine City for a competitive advantage. Therefore, everyone was more or less knowledgeable of the potential competitors.

A group of people spent their lives collecting such information and selling it to the great clans and sects as a business.

The information included the characteristics, strength and specialties of the competing martial artists. Even their Godly Ways and cultivation methods were also recorded.

Notably, after his fight with Eric, Zen was honorably ranked at the fourth place.

But for some reason, his information was completely different from that of the others.

His basic information was all unknown and difficult to discover.

The only thing that had been acknowledged was his strength. His fight with Eric had been briefly described. With a tremendous power, he had defeated Eric in one simple, drastic move.

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