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   Chapter 2161 With Only One Hit

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 8100

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As soon as Eric finished speaking, a bald man with a strange pattern on his brain stuck his head out from the fourth floor.

It was Lambert, the man Eric had spoken to.

"Young Master," Lambert bowed in respect.

"Give me the money," Eric said calmly.

"But..." Lambert glanced at Zen.

He was a low-rank True God at the top level, much more powerful than ordinary True Gods.

It was not that he didn't believe in Eric's strength, but was it really wise to take out five thousand divine might coins at once? After all, five thousand divine might coins was an insanely huge amount of money.

Moreover, Lambert couldn't shake the feeling that Zen was much more than he let on. Although Zen was extremely reserved, Lambert could still feel a faintly discernible soul aura coming from him. It was like an unseen double edged sword, vague and powerful.

"What?" Eric asked as he looked at his servant.

Perplexed, Lambert frowned.

Even though he was a True God, he was still just a guard of the Hulan Clan.

He'd been serving the young master for years, and therefore knew his temper better than anyone. Right now, Eric had already figured that this warrior had a lot of pride and wouldn't fight. And since he had already thrown the thousand divine might coins, giving up now was out of the question.

If Lambert upset the young master here, he would surely get punished later.

Having no choice, Lambert could only grit his teeth as he summoned a small gold silk pouch with a clap of his hands and lightly tossed it to Eric.

Eric caught the pouch and turned to smile at Zen. He gently twisted his fingers and untied the pouch.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Instead of metal, the divine might coins were made of some kind of wood and made a crisp sound when they landed on the ground.

Now, Eric had a total of five thousand divine might coins under his feet.

"Oh my God!

It's five thousand divine might coins!

For many third-tier clans, this is a huge sum of money!"

"He is so confident in his strength. Let's see what the poor guy is going to do to save his face!"

The people surrounding them all focused on Zen. It was Zen himself who had asked for five thousand divine might coins, and now that Eric had actually taken it out, everyone wondered just how Zen would escape the fight.

But what they didn't know was that Zen had already thought of a way out of all possible scenarios before h

ough she was only a divine citizen, she had worked in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant for a long time and had witnessed countless fights before. However, she couldn't remember a lot of people who defeated their opponents with a single hit like Zen did.

This only happened when the fight happened between two warriors with great gaps in strength and cultivation levels. However, Zen was a proving godly warrior while Eric was a powerful warrior from the famous Hulan Clan, so the girl couldn't understand why the outcome was like this.

Zen smirked and took out the Great Weighty Sword from his waist. He pulled out the scabbard and began to collect the divine might coins on the ground.

When he entered the divine land, Zen's space ring had been destroyed, but the Great Weighty Sword and the sword scabbard were made of divine land items so they remained intact. Now, Zen used the sword scabbard, which was originally a Sumeru Space, in place of the space ring.

As Zen was taking the divine might coins, several people led by Lambert of the Hulan Clan jumped down from the fourth floor of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant.

"Are you really going to take these divine might coins?" Lambert asked with a frown.

Zen straightened his body and asked with a smile, "Why not?"

"Aren't you afraid of offending our Hulan Clan?" Lambert had become suspicious of Zen's real identity after witnessing his strength

and was now asking Zen these questions in an effort to sound out his background.

But Zen had already figured out his intentions.

He looked into his eyes fearlessly. "Why should I be afraid?"

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