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   Chapter 2160 Special Way To Eat (Part Two)

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Everyone in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant had their eyes fixed on Zen as they made all sorts of guesses about his identity. A bizarre range of speculations rose through the chatter of the customers.

Eric stood formidably alone in the center of the patio. His eyes were still focused on Zen.

Eric had appeared in a high-profile manner to show his might. The earlier encounter with the burly man was to exhibit his great strength and prowess.

The examination of the Heavenly Han House was difficult. The process not only involved strength but many other things as well. There were many variables, and it didn't necessarily mean that one could pass just because one was strong. As such, many warriors failed to be part of the Heavenly Han House.

Eric originally thought that after he intimidated those martial artists, everyone would be afraid of him during the examination. As such, they wouldn't dare to act rashly against him.

However, just after he won the match, everyone suddenly shifted their focus to the delicacies of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant. Eric couldn't believe how easily his prestige was stolen.

As he felt depressed, Eric pointed at Zen and shouted, "Hey! You!"

Zen was still captivated about the aftertaste of the pill. Suddenly, he saw Eric point at him and shout loudly. Due to the interruption of his mood, Zen frowned and said with an annoyed tone, "What's the matter?"

"How about I challenge you?" The corner of Eric's mouth curled up as he issued a challenge. He then continued, "If you won, these would be all yours!" As he spoke, Eric's stare pointed at the divine might coins in front of his feet.

Zen's eyes followed Eric's gaze. A cold smile came across Zen's face as he shook his head.

"What do you mean? You don't dare? Are you a coward?" Eric felt unhappy and continued to provoke Zen. If Zen didn't agree to the challenge, then he really would have no way to deal with him. Even if he was a member of the Hulan Clan, he couldn't act rashly in the Six-Burden Divine City. It was forbidden to attack anyone outside of a duel. If Eric were to break that rule, the punishment of the Thousand Commandment

rtunity to earn as many divine might coins as he could, Zen meticulously incited Eric's attention.

Previously, Zen didn't want to challenge Eric. He indeed felt that the number of divine might coins was not enough. Two hundred was not enough. Even the one thousand divine might coins were still not enough. Zen wanted an opportunity to get as much as he needed.

He didn't expect that the fellow from the Hulan Clan would be so impetuous. As such, the opportunity to earn a huge sum appeared in front of Zen rather quickly.

"This much," Zen held out five fingers and said calmly. An arrogant smile came across his face.

"Five thousand divine might coins?" Eric asked as he frowned.

The corner of Zen's mouth curled up slightly, "That's right!"

"Five thousand..."

"That fellow is really arrogant! That's way too much!"

"Maybe he purposely said a big number. He is making it difficult for Eric. I'm afraid that guy doesn't really want to accept the challenge. What a coward!"

"Unfortunately, he might have underestimated the Hulan Clan's wealth. 5000 divine might coins is indeed a huge amount of money, but for the Hulan Clan, it's not a big problem."

As expected, Eric was deep in thought for a moment. After a few seconds, he looked at Zen and smiled coldly. Then with a prideful tone, he said, "Five thousand it is!"

With that, Eric raised his head and shouted towards the fourth floor, "Uncle Lambert!"

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