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   Chapter 2159 Special Way To Eat (Part One)

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Cyan flame rose up from Zen's wine. It burned intensely and condensed into the shape of a crescent moon.

The wine was one of the famous wines in the Six-Burden Divine City. It was called the Moon Melting Wine. Just a small pot of it would cost twenty divine might coins. Only extravagant and wealthy warriors were able to afford such wine.

Zen thought the price was outrageous. However, Master Evil had recommended it strongly and told him that this pot of wine was the key.

Everyone felt a sense of novelty when they saw Zen ignite the cup of wine. Most of their attention was focused on Zen. Some of them started to speculate about Zen's origins. Eric's round eyes also stared intensely at Zen, for he also didn't know what Zen was about to do.

After he caught everyone's attention with the cyan flames, Zen held his chopsticks and reached for his first dish.

The snow lotus petals on the plate overlapped with each other to form a small arched bridge. The delicate formation of the dish made it more attractive to eat. It was the famous dish of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, the Snow Lotus Arch.

The snow lotus which had been harvested from a snowy mountain of a snowy region was naturally cold. At that moment, the petals still emitted a dense, cold aura.

In the divine land, even the ordinary divine citizens could swallow such an extremely cold object. If it was any living being below the Life and Death Realm in the universe, they would not even be able to come close to a three feet radius from the table, let alone eat it, which would be no different from courting death.

When Zen used chopsticks to pick up a petal of the snow lotus, a layer of frost immediately covered his chopsticks. The petals emitted a chilly atmosphere in which Zen's breath could be seen.

Soon after, Zen roasted the snow lotus petals on the fire above the cup. The crescent-shaped flame surrounded the snow lotus petals.

Extremely cold objects often had extreme reactions to fire. Snow lotus petals continuously melted under the fire, and at the same time, emitted a strange stench. A smelly odor immediately filled the restaurant.

"So smelly!"

"What's that disgusting smell? What is this fellow burning?!"

"This is too smelly! Can anyone stop that fellow?"

The s


On the top floor of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, Watts Han and Jimmy Han looked down at Zen with a strange expression on their faces. Intense curiosity developed in their heads as they witnessed Zen's actions.

"That person is less than a hundred years old, but he is truly knowledgeable. He can even concoct an Original Pure Food Pill," Watts said in surprise. His eyes widened as he gawked at Zen.

"I don't know which senior he got the secret recipe from, but it was a splendid display. He's rather interesting. This year, Han Clan's examination attracts some strange people again," Jimmy said with a smile.

The two brothers had represented the Han Clan as the manager of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant for three divine eras. Countless customers had already visited the restaurant and the menu had changed from time to time. They had heard of the Original Pure Food Pill, but they had never seen it with their own eyes. Since they saw such an extraordinary recipe from a proving godly warrior, they were naturally confused.

"Should we bring in that fellow and ask him?" Watts asked. His curiosity about the pill grew even stronger.

"No, this person will definitely take the Han Clan's exam. Then whether he's a dragon or a dog, we'll know when the time comes," Jimmy replied as he shook his head. Expectant eyes were on his face.

Although the Original Pure Food Pill was truly magical, it could only satisfy one's appetite for a while. It was still not the right way in the eyes of some people.

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