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   Chapter 2158 Eric Hulan (Part Two)

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As he ran bravely towards Eric, the large man stretched out his right hand. The brown scales on his right hand began to flicker with a faint luster. Suddenly, a myriad of colors flowed through his right hand.

"It's a poisonous hand! Watch out!"

"He cultivates the poison technique. You have to be careful of his right hand!"

"Those who dare to challenge Eric must be strong."

The burly man rushed forward. As he pointed his right hand towards Eric, the man tried his best to grab Eric. The air in his palm was foul, and each of his fingers was as thick as an arm. It was not a hand. With its strange appearance, it was clearly the huge claw of a vicious beast!

Eric stood firmly in the center of the arena. He calmly watched the huge claw approached him. Suddenly, with a callous look in his face, he stretched out his finger and pointed it at the center of the claw.


The burly man's charge was immediately stopped! Eric's finger landed at the center of the claw. With just his index finger, he had already blocked the claw. At the same time, everyone heard a strange sound, as if some kind of metal vibrated violently.

Then, circles of black ripples suddenly appeared around the burly man's arm. The ripples were extremely small. Only those with keen eyesight would be able to notice them.

As soon as the ripples appeared, they began to tighten.


Immediately, the sound of a shattered object echoed in everyone's ears. Something was obviously broken in the man's body!

The burly man's right hand was chopped into seven or eight pieces. A mixture of shock and pain was seen in his expression as each piece of his ri

interested in Zen.

They all stared intently at Zen. From head to toe, Zen was gazed upon by the warriors around him, as if to gauge his worth. When they saw his clothes and face, they all felt he was a stranger. Moreover, Zen appeared to be an ordinary warrior with a humble background. How could he afford so many dishes?

"Sir, the dishes you ordered are all here. Please enjoy them." The girl bowed towards Zen before she left with her servants. Her thought was the same as the others'; she wanted to see how Zen would settle the bill. She even suspected that Zen might not pay and instead escape after his meal. However, if Zen didn't have enough divine might coins, the girl had henchmen who were True Gods. Their establishment wouldn't be easy to mess with.

Zen didn't mind their gazes at all. He casually took a pair of chopsticks and poured himself a cup of wine. A delicious aroma of alcohol filled the air. Then, he pointed his finger towards the cup and a wisp of Fire Law began to spread out.


The wine in the cup was lit ablaze. A cyan flame intensely erupted from the cup.

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