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   Chapter 2157 Eric Hulan (Part One)

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The black divine might coins looked like both gold and wood, but they were neither gold nor wood. When they hit the floor, they made blunt and heavy sounds.

About three to four hundred divine might coins fell down from the fourth floor. All those coins became scattered on the ground.

When the proving godly warriors in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant saw such a scene, their breaths quickened, especially those on the first and second floors. A few True Gods also revealed an expression of interest. All their eyes were focused on the coins on the ground.

Four hundred divine might coins were enough to buy two houses in Six-Burden Divine City. Such an amount was not easily gained by the warriors. To many low-rank True Gods, it was a huge sum of money.

Although the warriors in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant were envious, no one dared to pick the coins up. No common warrior would easily throw away such wealth. The one who dared to toss out such a large number of coins must be very influential socially.


On the fourth floor, a figure descended and silently landed on the ground. The eccentric arrival of the figure piqued the interests of those around him.

No warriors below the top-rank True Gods in the divine land were able to fly in the air. However, one could still be creative as he fell from a high place. The man from the fourth floor used a clever method to reduce the force of the impact and descended just like a nimble cat.

The man wore a purple robe and a purple gold crown. Redness decorated his lips while his skin was flawlessly white. Beautiful features similar to a young girl's could be seen in his face. Additionally, his appearance looked no older than that of a youth at sixteen or seventeen years of age.


"I want to challenge you."

Generally, the proving godly warriors of the clans of second and third tiers were on the third floor and above. The elite disciples of these clans weren't interested in several hundred divine might coins. Such money might not be worth their time or possible injuries.

However, those proving godly warriors on the first and second floors were different. If they won these divine might coins, it was very likely that their fates would be changed. So it would be a reasonable risk for them. Besides, some of them had never heard of Eric before, so they weren't afraid of him.

As Eric saw that someone had finally come up to challenge him, the corner of his mouth slightly curved upwards. A beautiful smile came across his pretty face.

"What a handsome man! He is even more alluring than a girl," one girl said with a soft sigh. She was filled with envy about Eric's good looks.

As two divine might coins flew into the air and shot out of Brilliant Moon Restaurant, the burly man didn't say anything else. He leaned forward and charged towards Eric like a ferocious beast. A malicious aura came out of the man as he attacked fiercely.

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