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   Chapter 2156 Battle Between Two Warriors (Part Two)

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Thomson and Woolley were from the Misty Mountain Village, which was considered a remote mountain village, thus making it reasonable for them not to have practiced high quality martial skills.

However, in Zen's opinion, the warriors of the Sun Moon Village were also extremely weak. They might all have the cultivation of the Spirit Supreme Realm, but that was all they had. In terms of martial skills, they weren't even close to the level of those of the Soul Sea Realm in the Evolutionary Universe.

Now that Zen had arrived in the Six-Burden Divine City, the people he had to face were easily considered the elites of the third-class clans. However, Steve's move still left Zen feeling disappointed.

Although the Coiling Dragon Spear was exquisite, Zen thought it was much too gaudy. He knew he could easily break through the spear with his great speed. How could the spear be considered so 'excellent'? Zen wondered.

What Zen didn't know though, was that in the universe, martial skills actually progressed much further and even much faster than those in the divine land. This was because the divine citizens of the divine land would have the capacity of surpassing the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm and the Spirit Transformation Realm in a shorter period of time, thus becoming proving godly warriors at an early age.

And after becoming a proving godly warrior, one would immediately step into the Godly Way.

The cultivation period of those below the True God Realm was very short. It was therefore only normal that no one was willing to put much time and effort into studying these martial techniques. After all, once they became True Gods, they were bound to have higher-level cultivation methods to study.

Steve's spear pier

om upstairs. It bounced a few times on the ground, spun on itself and landed with a barely audible thud. From somewhere in the crowd, a faint voice sounded out, "Holt, how about I challenge you?"

As the voice faded further away, the divine might coin on the ground suddenly jumped again, as if controlled by magic, and hovered in the air. When the voice issued its challenge, the power of the Thousand Commandments Slate appeared anew, allowing the divine might coin to float in the air.

"I have something more important to do, so I think I'll skip my turn this time around."

In all honesty though, Holt's only desire was to challenge Steve. He didn't want to accept any challenge from anyone else. Once he finished speaking, he turned around and left the patio at once.

Zen looked at the floating divine might coin indifferently.

Of course, he had no intentions of fighting. Even if he won, he would still lose a divine might coin just for a battle. Such a terrible deal meant absolutely nothing to him.

However, what Zen saw next made his eyes widen and brighten with excitement.

Divine might coins were suddenly raining down from the fourth floor!

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