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   Chapter 2155 Battle Between Two Warriors (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6110

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On the fourth floor of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, a robust proving godly warrior coldly snorted as he reached into his pocket to take out a divine might coin.

The black divine might coin rolled downward and began falling from the fourth floor. Simultaneously, the proving godly warrior shouted, "I, Steve Sun, accept the challenge!"

With that, the divine might coin that was falling to the ground was suddenly stopped in mid-air, caught by a mysterious power.

It was at that moment that Steve jumped down from the fourth floor. He tapped the divine might coin with his toe, using it as a stepping stone. With his newfound momentum, he landed in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant's patio.


The divine might coin that had been hovering motionless in the air circled on itself a little before flying up toward the sky, zooming past the tall buildings in the Six-Burden Divine City and finally landing in front of a slate. In front of the slate, the densely packed divine might coins formed a small mountain, and there were at least ten thousand divine might coins.

"That divine might coin... It has been taken away by the power of the Thousand Commandments Slate, right?" Zen asked Master Evil in his mind.

"Of course, once they've paid two divine might coins, the two warriors can fight each other, but still, they cannot make any move against others," Master Evil said.

The delicacies that Zen had ordered were yet to be served, but at least now, there was an interesting show to watch.

Although Zen felt very confident that there wouldn't be much of a problem with his entering the Heavenly Han House, he still felt the need to know the abilities of the talents of the divine land.

"The Sun and Qian Clans have begun fighting each other once again..."

"They fight against each other almost ev

s spear's shape was a bit strange, though. It was curved like a snake's body, and it looked like a triangular golden snake's head had been embedded into the spear head.

"Coiling Dragon Spear," Steve shouted.

Although they were only sparring here in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, it still remained a duel once the divine might coins were paid up. Generally speaking, it was normal for warriors to die in a duel, especially when one of the two didn't hold back.

That curved long spear stabbed outward like a snake launching out at its prey. His spear appeared to be aimed directly at Holt's head, but with a gentle twist of his wrist, it was actually aiming at his chest.

"Wow! What an excellent move!"

"The Sun Clan's Coiling Dragon Spear is famous for its strange shape which makes it extremely difficult to dodge its attack."

"Look! With Steve's momentum, I'm afraid that the Sun Clan will remain in control of the Heavenly Canopy Divine City..."

Upon hearing such comments, Zen couldn't help but roll his eyes in annoyance.

Although he had just arrived at the divine land, he had already had the chance to see the strength of the divine land's martial artists in the Misty Mountain Village.

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