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   Chapter 2154 Brilliant Moon Restaurant

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It would be a month before the test of the Heavenly Han House began. Zen decided to stay in the Six-Burden Divine City during this time.

More and more people flocked to the Six-Burden Divine City and a vast majority of them were proving godly warriors. They were obviously here with the aim of entering the Heavenly Han House.

There were still a lot forces in the vast space outside the divine cities. Some sects were even willing to pay a lot of money to send some of their talented disciples to the Heavenly Han House. They hoped that these talents could cultivate Godly Ways in the Heavenly Han House and then give back to their sects.

Apart from the various sects, the smaller clans of the thirty-six regions also hoped for their own disciples to enter the Heavenly Han House.

Thanks to all this activity, the Six-Burden Divine City had become very lively.

The price of using a space tunnel was as high as a hundred divine might coins. But it wasn't a problem for the clans that controlled the divine cities. More and more proving godly warriors came to the Six-Burden Divine City through the space tunnels.

The downside was that when there were too many proving godly warriors, trouble would erupt.

It was a Thousand Commandments Slate that had recorded the rules of the Six-Burden Divine City. There was a huge difference between a Thousand Commandments Slate and a Ruling Slate, but it was naturally much more powerful than a Ten Commandments Slate. The Thousand Commandments Slate could record a thousand rules and covered a much larger area. This was why the punishment was much harsher.

Some of the rules of the Six-Burden Divine City were slightly different from those of the Mirror City.

The Six-Burden Divine City had banned fighting in the city, but there were still some additional rules. For example, one could issue a challenge to anyone else in the Six-Burden Divine City, but one would have to pay the price of a divine might coin.

No matter who won, the divine might coin would be paid to the Six-Burden Divine City. It could be considered as a kind of a fighting tax paid to the Han Clan.

Most proving godly warriors of the divine land were very young. They had started practicing martial arts since they reached the Soul Sea Realm, and it was fairly easy for the divine citizens to reach the Spirit Transformation Realm. These youths were at an age where their blood ran hot. So inevitably, they would trouble for each other when they eventually got together. And they had to pay the fighting tax the moment they began to fight. The Six-Burden Divine City was only too happy to receive more divine might coins.

So before the test of the Heavenly Han House began, the proving godly warriors of the Six-Burden Divine City occasionally fought with each other, and the fights had become an opportunity to test each other's strength.

Brilliant Moon Restaurant was the largest restaurant in the Six-Burden Divine City.

A huge patio was built on the top of the restaurant, supported by six pillars. All customers ate at the outer circle while the center of the patio was reserved for the warriors to fight.

Those who could enter t

the Brilliant Moon Restaurant. They felt fortunate to find a chair to sit on for free so they could get a glimpse of the strength of this year's proving godly warriors.

Zen smiled faintly. This was when he noticed the disdain in the lady's eyes. He was not angry. Instead, he only smiled as he ordered the dishes Master Evil had told him about.

As Zen reeled off the names of the dishes, the astonishment in the young lady's eyes became more and more obvious.

It turned out that the dishes that Zen had ordered were the best in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant. They weren't the most expensive, but they were definitely ones that one could not miss if they went there.

Some proving godly warriors, with the support of their families, could spend extravagantly in the Brilliant Moon Restaurant. But they did not understand the essence of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant. What Zen had ordered were the classiest dishes of the Brilliant Moon Restaurant, which was why the girl was so surprised.

Once Zen had ordered the food, the girl's expression shifted.

He had ordered more than ten delicacies in one go, which meant that he would later have to pay about two hundred divine might coins for the bill. As she looked Zen up and down and at the kind of clothes he was wearing, the girl was worried that he would not be able to pay the bill.

However, she was not afraid. The Brilliant Moon Restaurant was run by the Han Clan and no one dared dine and dash here. If he really couldn't pay the bill, it was not her who would suffer in any way.

As the girl left, Zen suddenly felt an imposing aura in the air. Someone from the third floor jumped down and stood in the middle of the patio. He cupped his hands and said, "I am Holt Qian from the Qian Clan of the Mirror City!" He then raised a divine might coin and flicked it into the air.

With a swish, the divine might coin rose into the air.

And as if a mysterious power had seized it, it suddenly stopped in its tracks.

Holt Qian raised his head and shouted towards the fourth floor, "I want to challenge Steve Sun! Do you dare accept my challenge?"

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