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   Chapter 2153 Repaying The Favor (Part Two)

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"Well..." Master Wu hadn't thought about things so deeply just yet. Listening to Zen, he solemnly nodded in agreement. The top-rank True Gods, consummate True Gods and the Holy Beings had monopolized nearly ninety percent of the divine might coins in the divine land. Six times refined pills were nothing more than common objects in their eyes. Zen was right. They had no reason whatsoever for using the force of iron to break taboos. Master Wu continued, "Indeed, from the looks of it, the nameless senior you're speaking of is an intelligent warrior with a humble background. I have studied the Five Elements Godly Way all my life, but I have never thought of such a method. As you said, I must be blinded by the old system. Alas..."

"In fact, I need your help in the Heavenly Han House," Zen took this opportunity to make a request.

Master Wu glanced at Zen. Although Zen hadn't told him what his purpose was, Master Wu could easily take his guess. "You want to join the Heavenly Han House, I presume?"

Zen nodded.

The reality was, too many proving godly warriors wished to join the Heavenly Han House.

All of the proving godly warriors viewed the Heavenly Han House as a springboard to success. Once they joined the Heavenly Han House, they knew they would become True Gods.

Almost every day, a few warriors burned with the desire to ask Master Wu for help in joining the Heavenly Han House. However, in the end, they had to rely on their own strength and talent in order to be accepted there.

Master Wu finally understood that this warrior, who was named Thad Luo, wasn't from any influential clan, nor

r Wu turned on his heel and left the courtyard.

Not long after, he came back with a White Jade Token in his hand. He handed the token to Zen and said, "Just engrave your name on it."

Zen accepted the White Jade Token and held it in his hand. There was a cool feeling that seemed to be radiating from it. This kind of jade was extremely rare in the universe, but rather common in the divine land. Zen stood up and bid farewell to Master Wu.

Once Zen had left and was out of earshot, Master Wu shook his head and muttered, "I hope that you can rely on your own abilities to enter the Heavenly Han House, but I'm afraid that there's no hope for you this year."

This year was a great year for the Han Clan's test, and all of the talented disciples of the 36 regions under the jurisdiction of Han Clan would be gathered in the Heavenly Han House. Zen was less than 100 years old. Although Master Wu didn't have the chance to verify his talent, he knew he stood no chance in front of all those super talented martial artists. He still wished him good luck in his heart though.

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