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   Chapter 2152 Repaying The Favor (Part One)

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Although Zen had a little knowledge of the Five Elements Godly Way, he really didn't have a very deep understanding of it.

Zen was not the one to say what he had just said, but Master Evil in his mind. He would have been unable to provide that advice without Master Evil's help.

Master Evil chuckled and said, "The powerhouses on the Floating Islands in the divine land simply think nothing of six times refined pills. If the wealthy clans' disciples were to encounter the two taboos, they'd just take a few pills. We ordinary True Gods have struggled so hard for so many years, and yet we don't even have a single five times refined pill. We had no other choice but to come up with this method."

Master Evil had also trained in the Five Elements Godly Way. In addition, he had personally visited the Five Elements Godly Way Tablet and studied it. His understanding of the Five Elements Godly Way far surpassed that of an ordinary low-rank True God.

As he had said before, breaking the two taboos by using the force of iron was stupid. The two taboos were not problems for the Holy Beings and their disciples. In their eyes, five and six times refined pills were of no importance, so they wouldn't waste time thinking about a method for breaking the taboos. Even if some of them did come up with the idea, they would not bother to use the force of iron.

Master Evil was considered a talent among the warriors with no strong backgrounds. With his super talent, he had reached the peak of mid-rank True God. There weren't many True Gods like Master Evil throughout all the divine land.

After Master Wu had ordered the guards to chase away the bald martial artist, he looked out at the crowd and said, "Tha

s he said, "You don't come from any of the Floating Islands, and yet you said that you came up with the idea of using iron to break down the two taboos on your own. How can I even begin to trust you?"

It wasn't a question of talent. If Zen's comprehension of the Five Elements Godly Way had reached such a level, it was simply impossible for him to be just a proving godly warrior. He should have become a True God long ago, and besides, by using the force of iron to break the two taboos, he would become a mid-rank True God in only ten thousand years.

With this logic, it was easy to see why Master Wu thought Zen was lying.

Zen knew that Master Wu would have such suspicions, so he had already prepared an explanation. "To be honest, the method of using the force of iron to break the two taboos wasn't invented solely by me, but left behind by a nameless senior. Master Wu, think about it. Those wealthy and influential clans on the Floating Islands would have to be really bored to come up with such a stupid method. They can have access to the Taboo-breaking Pills easily. Why would they even need to go through so much trouble?"

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