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   Chapter 2151 Throwing Him Out (Part Two)

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You can use the power generated from metal in order to make up for the lack, or the crack. In other words, if you make iron in your cinnabar field, it will automatically fix it. Although this method takes a lot of time and effort, it will eventually work out after performing it for a good ten thousand years. Anyway, a normal True God wouldn't be able to obtain the Taboo-breaking Pill."

After he finished speaking, Zen stood with his hands behind his back, his gaze indifferent. His eyes were looking nowhere, yet everywhere at once.

All of the proving godly warriors that had heard Zen speak felt dazed and confused, as they didn't understand what Zen was saying at all.

"This guy is such a clown. He's just randomly making stuff up as he goes."

"You know, some people just don't have much ability, but they sure are good at talking nonsense."

"Talking crap like that in front of your teacher is just the same as courting death."

Seeing that the old man surnamed Wu hadn't responded anything yet, though the proving godly warriors began whispering to one another. They were waiting in anticipation to see Zen thrown out.

But the old man didn't budge. He stood in his spot, lost deep in his thoughts as he contemplated what Zen had just said.

Suddenly, an idea flashed within his mind, as if a bolt of lightning had streaked right before his eyes, invigorating his soul. At that moment, his face flushed red and he looked abnormally agitated, as if he had grabbed onto some kind of lifesaving straw. He could no longer keep his tone calm and under control. "You, you said we could make up for it with iron. How much wood and me

ose in his heart.

Zen suddenly continued, "Allow me to explain. What I have just said was not with the intention to laugh at you. It's just that I sat in the wrong seat and was slandered by this person. Besides, I never said that what you taught was bullshit and nonsense. That was also from the people who joined together to slander me. My only choice was to push the boat with the current."

As Zen spoke, he pointed to the bald warrior standing beside him.

The old man glanced at the bald warrior. Right now, it was no longer important whether or not Zen had been so rude. What counted was that Zen had pointed out a solution that no one had ever thought of before.

Because Zen had made such an explanation, the old man would take action, of course. Now it was the old man who pointed at the bald warrior before saying, "Throw him out. I don't want to see him ever again."

Whoosh! Whoosh! As soon as these words left the old man's mouth, two figures zoomed toward the bald warrior. The two guards, one on each side of him, picked up the bald warrior and threw him out of the crowd.

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