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   Chapter 2150 Throwing Him Out (Part One)

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The old man had already been a True God for many years now, and he was currently stuck in the 'two taboos' of the Five Elements Godly Way.

These two taboos respectively referred to the fire-wood taboo and the water-earth taboo! They were easier said than done.

Due to these two taboos, the old man was having difficulties improving his cultivation base and thus making a breakthrough in his Godly Tile.

Common proving godly warriors weren't actually aware that these two taboos existed. Even if a small number of proving godly warriors had gotten wind of them in the past, they wouldn't have the capacities of understanding what the two taboos meant. That was, until now, of course. The young proving godly warrior in front of them now was capable of seeing through these two taboos with a single sentence. This had greatly shocked the old man.

In fact, there was a reason why the old man was unable to break down these two taboos. Furthermore, here in the divine land, only the Taboo-breaking Pill had the power to break them down.

The Taboo-breaking Pill was actually a fusion of the Wood-melting Pill and the Water-dissolving Pill, which were respectively made of the Fire-shaped Bird's ever-burning comb and the Earth Barbarian Beast's heart. After consuming the Taboo-breaking Pill, a warrior would have a thirty percent chance of breaking down the two taboos. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing.

However, both the Wood-melting Pill and the Water-dissolving Pill were five times refined pills. Once the two kinds of pills fused together and refined each other, they would become a six times refined pill—the Taboo-breaking Pill. A six times refined pill was far from something that a lower level True God in the Heavenly Han House could possess.

The old man had been diligently working in the Heavenly Han House for more than half a divine era now, but he had

use standing beside the old man couldn't help but crack a smile, too.

In fact, every one of the proving godly warriors burst into laughter along with him. They ridiculed Zen—what a joke he was!

Once the old man's laugh tingled off, he suddenly spoke in a contrasting, cold voice, "According to your bones, you're not old at all. Why don't you spend your time learning to do things the right way instead of becoming a liar? I want to hear what kind of method you've come up with for breaking down the two taboos. We all want to hear it, really."

At this, Zen didn't appear flustered at all. Instead, he calmly replied, "When a warrior has just learned the Five Elements Godly Way, their Godly Tile has two cracks in it because the five elements are mixed. Fire and wood are hard to merge together, and earth and water repel each other. Thus, these two cracks lead to two taboos! The Five Elements Godly Way has been passed down for generations and generations, and countless proving godly warriors have tried to prove the Godly Way with the ancient method. Despite that though, they didn't think of another solution and had never been able to avoid these two taboos! And that's why you were wrong to only follow what is recorded on the Godly Way Tablet.

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