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   Chapter 2149 Slander

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Not every warrior had the chance to see the Godly Way Tablets. Their existence was elusive and legendary for others.

Moreover, the comprehension of the Godly Ways under the Godly Way Tablets was an extremely serious test. The power it offered was not easily attained. If things went wrong, their souls might shatter.

In fact, most proving godly warriors only learned the Godly Ways from the tutelage of True Gods.

Nonetheless, each True God had their own unique instructions.

The Holy Beings knew more about the Godly Ways. As such, if they passed on their knowledge personally, their disciples would better comprehend the Godly Ways. With any luck, they might even gain the Holy Beings' own insights that they couldn't gain from Godly Way Tablets. But not everyone was able to receive such treatment. Only the descendants and disciples of the Holy Beings had the qualifications.

That was the reason why the disciples of the Holy Beings were so much stronger than ordinary True Gods. Their knowledge and comprehension of the Godly Ways were vastly different.

Second to the Holy Beings were consummate True Gods, top-rank True Gods, mid-rank True Gods etc.

The lower one's cultivation level was, the shallower their comprehension of the Godly Ways would be. There were huge differences in the instructions of different low-rank True Gods. A low-rank master would definitely produce a rather weak disciple.

The Heavenly Han House boasted of all sorts of True Gods who had comprehended hundreds of the most common Godly Ways. Therefore, it was the most famous place in Six-Burden Divine City, and countless proving godly warriors wanted to join it.

However, only a chosen few would truly be part of the Heavenly Han House. It was very picky about its recruitment process.

The proving godly warriors who couldn't join the Heavenly Han House could only linger around it all day long.

Lucky for those who failed, the Heavenly Han House was generous. Whenever its members were free, they would invite some True Gods to teach the warriors outside the house.

That was what the old man was doing. He imparted the Five Elements Godly Way today, which was one of the most widely spread Godly Ways in the divine land. Some proving godly warriors who were unable to join the proving godly houses would naturally seize this opportunity to comprehend the Godly Ways for free and listen attentively.

Zen had already made up his mind to join the Heavenly Han House. Although countless proving godly warriors blocked his path, Zen was not anxious at all. Nonetheless, he kept his focus on the old man. After the old man's lecture ended, he wanted to make some inquiries. With that thought in mind, Zen found an empty seat and went up to sit down with his knees crossed.

He did not intend to cultivate the Five Elements Godly Way. However, the instructions of the Godly Ways contained the truth, so Zen would also get much from it. With curious eyes, Zen planned to listen attentively to the old man.

However, just as he sat down, a bald warrior's face sank. The bald warrior immediately screamed at him, "Get the hell out of my way!"

Zen was not aware of the inside information. He only knew that everyone could listen to the lectures of the Heavenly Han House. However, the seats in front of the house were in high demand. Addi

en humiliated him in public, his face was deathly pale. "What did you say? Say it again!"

"In my opinion, you were talking nonsense," Zen repeated as he remained his callous expression.


The faces of the warriors present stiffened even more. Zen's responses were truly out of their imaginations. Some of them began to whisper among themselves.

"Is this man crazy?"

"Although the people of the Heavenly Han House have always been nice, they can't bear to be slandered like this."

"Even though Master Wu is only a low-rank True God, he has a deep understanding of the Five Elements Godly Way."

Master Wu's lips hardened and an angry mask shadowed his face. However, a burst of laughter suddenly came out of his mouth. "Oh? Why did you say that?"

'Alas!' Zen sighed in his heart.

He didn't want to offend Master Wu, but under the circumstances, he had no choice but to say, "It's a good idea to use the four words of generation, restriction, subjugation, and counter-restriction to summarize the five elements. But Master Wu, what you said is the exact same as the Godly Way Tablet. The Godly Ways can be comprehended in thousands of ways. You have just comprehended the literal meanings and drawn conclusions based on partial understanding. As such, it is very difficult to see through everything."

"Humph! Most True Gods in the divine land cultivate the Five Elements Godly Way. What's wrong with this concept?" Master Wu felt a trace of surprise in his heart after he heard Zen's words. Nonetheless, he still questioned Zen coldly.

Zen shook his head. "It's absolutely wrong! We can't follow the old rules when comprehending the Godly Ways. There are twenty-five different forms of the Five Elements Godly Way. However, there are two taboos, namely the fire-wood taboo and the water-earth taboo. We must first remove these two taboos before we can take a step forward. Many low-rank True Gods have no idea of this, so they can't cultivate the Five Elements Godly Way. Presumably, this is also the reason why you have been unable to make progress in the Five Elements Godly Way."

After Zen finished his sentence, Master Wu's expression changed! His previously angry expression had disappeared.

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