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   Chapter 2148 Heavenly Han House

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When Zen informed the guards which space channel he wanted to use, disbelief was written all over their faces.

For the guards, a person who owned a hundred divine might coins could buy themselves a house in Mirror City, take a True God as their master, and buy some land to cultivate. For a proving godly warrior, a hundred divine might coins were extremely precious. The fact that Zen was willing to spend that much just to enter the space channel was horrendous.

At that point, the guards thought that Zen merely came here to joke with them.

However, the moment Zen took out the coins, their attitudes changed immediately.

It seemed this young man truly did have money.

These guards would never be able to understand. Ordinary True Gods would never be able to teach Zen anything. He wasn't going to be able to find growth in Mirror City and the Six-Burden Divine City was a mere detour. He had to go to the Floating Islands.

The guards had no choice but to lead Zen towards the space channel. As the gate on the stone wall opened, Zen found himself staring at a familiar place: deep blue space that spiraled rapidly, leading to an endless abyss. He sneaked himself from the Evolutionary Universe to divine land by using this kind of space channel before.

He stepped inside the space channel without any hesitation.

He was gone in less than a minute.

In the center of Mirror City was a resplendent building, on top of which stood two, sage-like men.

This tall building held a special position in Mirror City given that its owner was from the Qian Clan - the main controller of the city.

"Looks like another rich kid of a Floating Island has run away from home," one of the old men lightly remarked.

"Very few wealthy clans are willing to let their disciples go to the wild these days. It's extremely risky with no guarantee of good results," his companion said.

The nurturing of true elite disciples in the Floating Islands was usually done within the clans. Most of the outstanding geniuses would first be sent to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. They would spend quite some time there before they were directly brought back to the Floating Islands. Geniuses in the middle level would be directed to the ancestral lands while those in the lower level would be sent to an ordinary divine city.

However, it couldn't be avoided that some disciples had wild and untamed natures. These disciples would be sent out to wander freely, to be 'one with the wild.'

Although Zen had completely restrained his soul, the two elders of the Qian Clan could feel his nature through their extraordinary senses. They immediately knew that Zen was not just an ordinary person and the fact that he was willing to spend a hundred divine might coins to enter a space channel had them think that he came from a wealthy clan from the Floating Islands.

"His background is suspicious. He's not from any wealthy clan. What is his purpose in heading to the Six-Burden Region? Do you want to notify the Han Clan?"

"He is nothing but a mere low-level p

divine citizens who entered the divine city would most often go into one of these proving godly houses to comprehend the Godly Way. Their goal was to one day successfully obtain limitless lifespan.

Unfortunately, these proving godly houses were useless to Zen. If it was to learn the Godly Way, Zen wasn't confident that he would match up to the True Gods in the proving godly houses. But as for the pure understanding of martial arts, he believed that many True Gods would first have to acknowledge Zen as their teacher.

After exploring, Zen made sure to ask around and gain some information.

It was through his dialogue with the locals that Zen was able to find the largest proving godly house in the Six-Burden Divine City: the Heavenly Han House, set up by the Han Clan.

Those who entered the Heavenly Han House had a slight chance of getting selected by the Han Clan to receive their training. If one was lucky enough to get selected and train, then there was a slight chance of becoming the Han Clan's personal disciple and getting sent to the clan's Floating Island.

Of course, these chances were extremely slim and ordinary divine citizens did not even dare dream of such a thing. It was understandable that most of the people Zen asked gave him strange looks because of this.

Armed with this kind of information, Zen then made his way to the Heavenly Han House. As soon as he arrived on the premises, he immediately saw tens of thousands of proving godly warriors sitting cross-legged on the floor, two feet apart from each other, with expressions of the utmost respect on their faces.

At the forefront of these proving godly warriors was a chanting old man who sported a moustache. The old man held his hands behind his back and swayed unsteadily as he chanted. "Life, death, regret, and ...."

Zen did not have the slightest idea of what he was talking about but since he had a certain level of understanding towards the Godly Way, he figured that the old man was most probably teaching the Five Elements Godly Way.

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