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   Chapter 2147 Ruling Slate (Part Two)

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"That stone slab…" Zen raised his head to look at the stone slab in the sky. Curiosity filled his eyes.

Wynn had once mentioned to Zen that there was a stone slab in the divine land that even Holy Beings would be restrained by it. Murphy had previously attacked the Evolutionary Universe, so he was punished by the stone slab. Zen would not doubt that the palm-sized stone slab in front of him was able to restrain a True God, but it was hard to believe that even Holy Beings would be afraid of the stone slab in front of him. A sense of doubt shone across his expression.

"This is not a Ten Thousand Commandments Slate," Master Evil reminded as he noticed Zen's doubtful look. "It's just a Ten Commandments Slate."

"Ten Commandments Slate?" Zen asked curiously, "Is there more than one of such slates?"

Master Evil chuckled. He looked at Zen rather boastfully. "How else do you think these divine cities were formed?"

After the Godly Way Tablets landed on the divine land, countless stone slabs had appeared all over the divine land. Their sizes varied greatly. The small ones were known as the 'Ten Commandments Slates' while the big ones were called 'Hundred Commandments Slates'. Furthermore, the more enormous ones were the 'Thousand Commandments Slates'.

The people in the divine land discovered the usage of the slates rather quickly. Rules could be set on the slates. The rules were unbreakable and must be followed by everyone in the covered area of the slate. If the rules were violated, the offender would be instantly punished by the slate.

From the moment the slates appeared, not a single one had been destroyed. Even Holy Beings would not be able to damage even the weakest 'Ten co

the rules. Although the current divine land is very stable and the rules are strict, there is still a large group of people who are looking for loopholes in the rules and trying to find a chance to achieve higher levels," Master Evil continued his explanation.

Zen nodded his head as he finally understood the situation.

At that moment, three True Gods in red and black armor rushed out from the side. After the slate was activated, it also alarmed some people in Mirror City. They came here to inspect what actually happened.

The three True Gods looked at the middle-aged man who was half-dead on the ground and asked Zen about the situation. After they understood what had happened, the three True Gods left peacefully. Although the rules on the slates were strict, every year, there would always be some idiots who couldn't control themselves and violated the rules.

Before they left, the True Gods were also a bit curious about Zen's identity. After all, among proving godly warriors, there were very few who had enough divine might coins to use the teleportation channel. Zen's incredible wealth was rather strange for them.

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