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   Chapter 2146 Ruling Slate (Part One)

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As Master Evil had said, the rules of a divine city were very strict. As such, most of the people there would always follow such regulations. Even top-rank True Gods wouldn't dare to act rashly in the city, let alone a mere low-rank True God!

Zen had heard a lot of threats in his life. However, this was probably the lamest one he had ever heard. He even suspected about how this person became a True God with such stupid brain.

What Zen didn't know was that it wasn't difficult to become a True God in the divine land. The achievement of such a title was rather easier than he had imagined.

Moreover, the strength of True Gods varied greatly. For example, Marko and Mateo were low-rank True Gods, but they were Murphy's disciples. Their techniques and abilities were still above ordinary True Gods. Even if they encountered some ordinary True God, they would be able to kill their opponent in the blink of an eye!

Blayd was also a low-rank True God. However, he was comparatively much stronger than Marko, Mateo, Wynn, and some others.

That was also the reason why Master Evil suggested Zen join a wealthy clan on some Floating Island first. Zen could rapidly increase his strength if he became a disciple of a Holy Being. Under a Holy Being's tutelage, Zen's comprehension and abilities would significantly improve.

"Leave what behind?" Zen asked in confusion.

The middle-aged man laughed coldly. With an arrogant tone, he replied, "Of course I meant your divine might coins!"

As he heard the middle-aged man's demand, Zen carelessly took out several divine might coins. With a callous look at his face, he held the coins in his hand. Then, he asked in an aloof tone, "Are you talking about these?"

As the middle-aged man saw the divine might coins in Zen's hand, his eyes suddenly lit up with greed. A look similar to a hungry

e precision and high speed. Panic immediately enveloped him as he was scared out of his wits. With a bitter face, he said, "I, I... I didn't want to do anything!"

Unfortunately, the stone slab was not a human and did not listen to the True God's explanation. It continued its advance toward its target. From the surface of the stone slab, small dots of lightning were emitted. The small dots quickly condensed and formed a thick bolt of lightning that shot towards the True God.


Although the lightning looked very ordinary, the power contained within it was almost unparalleled. The destructive capabilities of the released lightning would terrify most martial artists.


The lightning struck the True God's body and the lightning fragments continued to move around his body. The True God let out a miserable scream as he frantically rolled on the ground. After a while, the True God lost consciousness and lay pathetically on the ground.

Zen felt a bit of life energy in the True God. He knew that the middle-aged man was still alive. Nonetheless, Zen still felt cautious of the stone slab. If it was him who had been struck by the lightning, even if he did not die, he would at least lose half his life…

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