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   Chapter 2145 Changing Appearance

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After hearing Master Evil's introduction, Zen's thoughts floated back to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

He thought about Laquisha and Aleyna.

At the time, the two sisters were a big headache to Zen.

"Since Han Clan's Holy Emperor is a Holy Being, what's his relationship with Murphy?" Zen asked.

With wide eyes, Master Evil shook his head. "I don't know about that."

His influence only reached within the Vast Sky Region. Even within the region, he wasn't a peak existence—he had never even been to those Floating Islands, so how could he have known about the relationships between the top level characters in the divine land?

"But... It doesn't matter, does it?" Master Evil asked helplessly.

"I've been to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land and have met some of the Han Clan's members. If I were to rush in, I'm afraid they would recognize me," Zen explained.

What Zen needed to pay attention to wasn't only the two sisters of the Han Clan, but also the personal guards of the two girls, including Kennan. If the Han Clan had a good relationship with the Mu Clan and if Zen was recognized, such things would get troublesome.

Although Zen knew that since there were hundreds of thousands of proving godly warriors, it was unlikely that the Han Clan would take notice of Zen, he understood that everything had to be done with caution. In the divine land, Zen had no way out.

"It's no problem if you don't want to go to the Six-Burden Region," said Master Evil, "but the thirty-six smaller regions around it are all under Han Clan's control, so merely leaving this small region isn't an easy task for you."

The wealthy clans of the Floating Islands all had their own areas within the divine land, and the Vast Sky Region was also a part of the Han Clan.

Now Zen was unable to use Grand Teleportation, and his Teleportation Token was rendered useless. What was worse, he couldn't even fly. All he could do was use Han Clan's long-distance teleportation channels, but teleportation was quite expensive even for a True God, even more so for the current Zen.

Even the hundreds of divine might coins Zen got from Master Evil weren't enough to send Zen out.

Zen fell into deep thought—it was just as Master Evil had said, divine might coins were too important, but Zen did not have the ability to earn divine might coins himself yet.

Suddenly, Zen remembered that he had the Soul Searching Flag that Marko, Murphy's disciple, left behind. He had brought it into the divine land. "I have some treasure—Marko's Soul Searching Flag. Is it worth any divine might coins?"

But Master Evil rejected the suggestion. "The Soul Searching Flag? Haha! That's valuable indeed. It was Murphy's treasure. Even though he's given up on using it, it's still very famous. If you use it, you might be discovered soon. That will be even more dangerous."

Zen was stuck in a dilemma.

"In my opinion, you're only really afraid that the Han Clan will recognize you. Though they have so many

didn't let himself overthink it.

But never did he expect Zen to head straight for the teleportation channels.

The middle-aged man was also a native True God of the Vast Sky Region. He had fought for three divine eras in Mirror City before finally taking root and buying a house there. But in total, it was only worth 80 divine might coins, making up his entire wealth.

However, it seemed that Zen might be able to easily take out a hundred divine might coins to use the teleportation channel. This brat was only a proving godly warrior!

The middle-aged man suddenly felt an ache in his heart—it would be good if he had intercepted Zen before he entered the city.

Seeing that Zen was about to leave through the teleportation channel, the middle-aged man gritted his teeth and quickly stepped in front of Zen. In a low voice, he said, "Friend, why have you come to our Mirror City?"

Zen had discovered the person long ago and there wasn't the slightest trace of panic on his face. Although this was his first time entering the divine land, he knew humans' hearts and minds were about the same.

Zen shot a glance at the middle-aged man. "Is this Mirror City yours?"

His question put an awkward expression on the middle-aged man's face. After concealing his embarrassment, he said, "The divine city does not belong to one person."

"Then to whom does this city belong?" Zen asked once again.

"Mirror City belongs to the Qian Clan of the Vast Sky Region. Strictly speaking, the Qian Clan is controlled by the Han Clan, making Mirror City belong to the latter." In all seriousness, the man explained.

"I see, thank you. Goodbye, now." Zen laughed and turned to leave.

For a moment, the man was stunned silent before he realized that he had been tricked. He was there to rob the brat, not to talk about the city, and his expression turned dark. "Although I do not know where you came from, if you want to leave Mirror City safely, I'm afraid you will need to leave something behind."

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