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   Chapter 2144 The Han Clan's Ancestral Land

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It was common knowledge that divine might coins were extremely rare in the divine land.

Not even a True God had many of those coins, let alone those warriors who busied themselves outside the city their whole lives. They had to accumulate enough points to enter the city and exchange their divine might coins, which would eventually end up in someone else's hand.

That was why when a guard of the Mirror City heard that a proving godly warrior say that he had a divine might coin, he prompted, "You have a divine might coin?"

Zen nodded his head and took out a divine might coin.

The Mirror City guard's eyes lit up at the sight of the round, black piece in Zen's hand. With a wave of his hand, the divine might coin in Zen's grasp was taken away from him!

The other Mirror City guards who stood next to the first guard looked at Zen as well and scanned him from head to toe.

If a proving godly warrior like Zen possessed a divine might coin, it must either be a gift from a True God or he simply got really lucky and found a treasure some True Gods might've left behind.

If it was the former, then it didn't matter. But if it was the latter, then this kid probably had more than one divine might coin.

A few moments passed and the Mirror City guard continued to examine Zen's coin. "Can I go in now?" Zen asked.

The guard inspected the small round piece one more time before he looked at Zen with a smile. "Not yet," he said.

"Why?" Zen asked again. He was confused. He had already presented the coin, what more could they ask?

The guard laughed and said, "I'm sorry, but two divine might coins are required. One is not enough to enter the Mirror City."

Many True Gods most likely lived in the Mirror City. Although the guards in front of Zen were probably just proving godly warriors, he did not wish to stir up trouble. Thus, he did his best to be amiable despite the guards' display of arrogance.

However, this Mirror City guard obviously tried to rip him off. Zen raised one brow and said, "They say that you only need to pay one divine might coin to enter the city."

The guard shook his head. "Today, the price has risen. You need to pay two coins to enter the city, if you pay one less..." He pointed to the crowd of warriors at the side. "You'll have to take on missions like them to save up enough points for you to enter the city!"

It wasn't easy to become a Mirror City guard. The guards at the city gate had many connections to some important figures in the divine city. Even if Zen only had one divine might coin, they still wouldn't let go of the opportunity to take his coin for themselves.

If Zen presented two divine might coins, it would certainly make the guards happier.

They'd seen too many people like Zen, who looked plain and even dubious. It was usually easy to handle people like him as with just a few words, those warriors would go away. What could a proving godly warrior do at the gates of a

sorb talents, and produced even more world lords who would eventually fight each other to become a Supreme Lord.

Furthermore, the divine land had been in development for countless divine eras, so it was very much stable.

It wasn't that there were no talents in the divine land, but they were just too few to be taken into account. Thus, the different powers weren't so eager to expand their influence. In any case, those rich clans on the Floating Islands changed their rankings only every few years. Besides, it was difficult for a True God from those clans to reach the consummation of True God Realm, and even harder for them to become a Holy Being.

That was also the reason that the distribution of resources was directed towards the great powers. The competition among the martial artists at the bottom level was even more brutal!

Zen wasted no time in following Master Evil's instructions and rushed to the west side of Mirror City. It was the only place where he could use the teleportation channel to travel across the Vast Sky Region.

"The Vast Sky Region is just really a small region with a total of three powers stationed in the place. Those three major powers control all the divine cities within the region, but those who know better are aware that those powers are nothing more than puppets of the Han Clan. You can use the teleportation channel to head to the Six-Burden Region to the south of the Vast Sky Region, which is the Han Clan's ancestral land," said Master Evil.

"The Han Clan? Ancestral land?" Zen was slightly surprised.

Master Evil nodded and continued, "That's right. The Holy Emperor of the Han Clan became a Holy Being 130 divine eras ago. The current Han Clan is also one of the wealthiest clans on the Floating Islands. During the past divine eras of my absence, its power has probably increased still more. Since the Six-Burden Region is the Han Clan's ancestral land, it is the place where you can go to find a chance."

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