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   Chapter 2143 Mirror City

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After collecting the divine might coins, Zen quickly headed north, still under Master Evil's guidance.

As soon as he entered the divine land, Zen tried to get an overview of the place. It had been quite difficult to gain any insight back when he was still in the Misty Mountain Village since its inhabitants weren't well-travelled and the farthest they'd ever been to was Mirror City.

Master Evil had been locked up in the dungeon for seven divine eras so his information was mostly outdated. Fortunately, his knowledge and experience were still quite comprehensive.

"I just don't understand why a top figure like Harold won't directly pick you up…"

In Master Evil's eyes, Zen was a proud son of a Holy Being. His lineage and talent were enough to directly send him to the wealthy and influential clans on the Floating Islands. Even if the Floating Island built by Mike had been destroyed, with Harold's connections, it would not be difficult for him to send Zen to the Floating Islands.

Zen also knew his father's disciples still played an active role. At the very least, they took very good care of Yan.

However, due to Wynn's arrangement, Zen could only adapt to the situation and rely on himself.

"I think your first aim is to enter a wealthy and influential clan on a certain Floating Island!" Master Evil advised. The Floating Island was a place everyone in the divine land yearned for. A warrior such as Master Evil simply did not have the qualifications to enter such a place.

"Floating Island… What kind of place is it exactly?" Zen had heard Wynn mention it back in the Evolutionary Universe but he didn't really elaborate much on it.

Master Evil sighed. Zen was Mike's son and Bromley's disciple, but it was amazing just how little Zen knew about the divine land. "In the middle of the divine land is a vast sea called the Time Sea... The sea is formed by light and time, and any living being who falls onto this sea will be split by different time. I once walked by the sea. It is extremely dangerous! In the center of the Time Sea are the Floating Islands built and constructed by powerful, wealthy clans.

These Floating Islands are naturally built by Holy Beings of the divine land. Only Holy Beings have the qualifications to establish a Floating Island so each Floating Island represents a peak-level power of the divine land! The wealthy clans that live on the Floating Islands have monopolized around 90% of the resources in the divine land. These include those divine mighty coins.

Once you enter a Floating Island, you will have a promising future! However, it's going to be difficult as you will have to gain the recognition of some powerful clan. It is quite rare for them to acce

. Now that he finally realized the value of the divine might coins, he suddenly felt as if those small, black, round pieces he carried got heavier.

A crack suddenly appeared on the city gate. Out came a middle-aged man wearing a fancy robe.

"A True God?"

Zen's eyes narrowed upon realization that this middle-aged man was a low-rank True God.

He pointed at a proving godly warrior in the crowd who visibly became very excited and began bowing to him. Afterwards, the chosen proving godly warrior followed the middle-aged man inside the Mirror City.


The gates closed with a bang and all of those who were left behind wore expressions of unbridled envy on their faces.

"What's going on?" Zen asked curiously.

"Those who have a house in the Mirror City can bring three people inside. That middle-aged True God must be a native and the proving godly warrior he brought in with him must be his relative," Master Evil answered.

"That's allowed?" Zen was quite dumbfounded with the amount of information he had suddenly been given.

"Back then, I also had about seven houses in the Mirror City. Ah, but it's a pity. After so many years, they most probably belong to other people now," Master Evil muttered in a wistful tone. "Anyway, let's drop the subject. We should hurry and enter the city as soon as possible."

Since Zen had divine might coins, he naturally didn't need to work like the other warriors.

Once he bypassed this group, Zen managed to squeeze his way to the front of the city gates.

A guard noticed him and pointed a whip to the side. "Don't you know the rule? Line up over there to receive your task!"

The blatant rudeness did not anger Zen, in fact, he was smiling. "I'm not here to do any task. Shouldn't one be able to enter by paying a divine might coin?"

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