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   Chapter 2142 Divine Might Coin

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Now that he had fallen into such a predicament, Master Evil no longer thought of the Stone Mouse and was only focused on helping Zen.

After instructing the young man to put away the mouse's corpse, he then led him away and guided him through the narrow cave. When they finally got out, Zen found himself by a mountain stream a hundred miles away from the Misty Mountain Village.

The path they had taken originally connected to the hollow area below the village. In the past, Master Evil had used a special method to dig countless branch paths, forming an inescapable underground maze.

A few villagers had mistakenly entered the cave and inevitably got trapped in the maze. This was confirmed by Zen when he saw several sets of bones that most probably belonged to the villagers who had unfortunately lost their way.

After crossing the mountain stream, Zen managed to return to the Misty Mountain Village where the Sun Moon Village's chief and warriors remained waiting in silence.

They knew something was wrong when they saw the state of the Misty Mountain Village. None of the Sun Moon Village warriors dared to step into the bottomless pit in front of them.

However, none of them also dared to leave without seeing Master Evil first so they could only stand in wait.

It was only half a day later that they finally saw Zen walk towards them.

"You... Sir, where have you been? Did you see Master Evil?" the Sun Moon Village chief asked.

With Master Evil's return, the possibility of reviving the seventy-two villages was now at hand. If that happened then the Sun Moon Village chief would definitely be recognized. Of course he would be worried about Master Evil's condition.

"Master Evil?" Zen scratched his head. "I almost fell to my death and walked out of the cave in a daze. I'm not really sure where he is now either..."

"You're not sure?" The Sun Moon Village chief and his warriors could only look at each other in dismay. The glaring confusion on Zen's face meant he was obviously not pretending so it was no use questioning him anymore. All they could do now was to go down into the pit and find their master themselves.

A sigh came to Zen's mind.

Master Evil had returned to the Vast Sky Region in order to revive the seventy-two villages. He couldn't bear seeing the Sun Moon Village reduced to the state it was in now. Unfortunately, he had lost all power and ability to ever set out what he intended to do. He could only let Zen deal with them and let them fend for themselves.

The villagers of the Misty Mountain Village also returned and were stricken with grief upon seeing how their home had turned out.

It was fortunate that they were able to evacuate quickly. If they were too slow in leaving then they would've died under the collapse.

Now that the Sun Moon Village could no longer cause trouble for them, the divine citizens could only build new houses on the other hillside. The vegetable field they cultivated fortunately sur

ly use to replenish life vitality within their cinnabar field.

These divine might coins were currency used between True Gods who didn't need to consume life vitality but instead relied on the Faith Energy within their inner world. If they operated on the same kind of logic as life vitality crystals, then that could only mean one thing.

"Is the divine might coin able to replenish the life vitality? Or can it replenish the Faith Energy?" Zen asked.

However, Master Evil shook his head. "No, it can't."

"Then what's the use of the divine might coins?" Zen asked once again.

It had to have some kind of special, attractive quality for the True Gods to value it, otherwise, it was nothing but a pile of trash.

Master Evil laughed. "The use of the divine might coin is too great. Every year, those wealthy clans on the Floating Islands in the Time Sea would fight over it. It can be said that possessing divine might coins is equal to owning everything in the divine land. You will know what exactly these coins are used for in the future. Even if I tell you now, it would simply be useless. Just wait."

"Possessing the divine might coins means possessing everything in the divine land?"

Zen couldn't help but repeat Master Evil's words. Wasn't the old man exaggerating?

In the universe, only low-level warriors risked their lives obtaining life vitality crystals and life vitality jades. Higher-level warriors need not bother since they didn't need to replenish their life vitality while fighting. Even before they had used up their life vitality, the winner was already decided, so the world lords and Supreme Lords only needed to take hundreds of life vitality jades with them.

Thus when high-leveled warriors bartered, they usually used objects, weapons, or treasures.

This black disc in Zen's hand couldn't be eaten or consumed so how could it be used as currency?

Unfortunately, Master Evil wasn't willing to tell him so he could only give up in the end.

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