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   Chapter 2141 The Stone Mouse's Corpse

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"I don't need to lie to you. As a matter of fact, it would only take me a single thought to kill you," Zen continued to say.

The Evil God froze.

His wife had deduced that the God of Creation had the ability to get rid of any living beings and wasn't someone they could contend against by just relying on their own strength.

Quite unfortunately, the Evil God was extremely stubborn and was determined to eliminate this God of Creation himself, causing him to end up like this.

It was like he was a joke in the God of Creation's eyes. Zen could have easily killed him off, but he gave him a chance instead.

"You... why give me a chance?" The Evil God asked cautiously. The way Zen dealt with things greatly differed from what the Evil God had thought. He had lost and he had thought that he would die for sure, but why the hell did Zen spare his life and even help him? This had to be a trap!

To his surprise, Zen smiled. "Just do as I say. You're not qualified to collect Faith Energy. Don't get me wrong. I may be giving you a chance but it has nothing to do with you."

With that, Zen's avatar quietly dissipated.

As soon as Zen disappeared, the woman in the sideline regained her freedom to move. She ran straight to her husband and bit her lip in worry. "Are you alright?"

"Why did he do that?" she asked.

"Why did he say that it had nothing to do with you?" The woman was also left confused by Zen's words.

The Evil God was embedded in the mountain, still in a daze.

"It has nothing to do with me... nothing to do with me..."

Not long after, the Evil God scoffed and looked at his wife. He smiled wryly. "If I spare an ant, is it because of the ant itself?"

The woman shook her head. "Of course not."

"That's what I am in his eyes. An ant."

The woman blinked in realization. "He... is a life form at a level which is beyond our comprehension, and it's normal for him to think of us as ants."

The Evil God sneered and his eyes burned with flames. "I will prove to him that this ant is an extremely special ant!"

Truth be told, the Evil God was indeed a special ant in Zen's eyes.

With the population steadily growing in Zen's inner worl

f a True God.

Having a contract with the Stone Mouse was comparable to getting the key to a treasure trove.

"Yes, it is indeed a pity," Zen said with a shrug of his shoulders. "I've been blabbering about how special this mouse is to you, and you're still going to leave it there?"

"Isn't this mouse dead already? What else could it possibly be used for?" Zen asked curiously.

As Master Evil said, the theurgy of the mouse was not in its own abilities, but in its memories that it had inherited as a one-of-a-kind true spirit.

What was the use of a dead Stone Mouse?

"You still know so little about the divine land," Master Evil said helplessly. "Even if the Stone Mouse is only a corpse, you will find countless True Gods who will fight for it. Even the wealthy clans in the Floating Islands won't back down from getting it!"

"Why?" Zen asked again.

"Because, through the corpse of the Stone Mouse, you could be able to find the place where it reincarnates and dig out that strange mouse-shaped stone. Even if you only use it as an exchange for something, the value of this mouse's corpse is beyond your imagination!" Master Evil patiently explained.

Zen nodded, finally getting the point. The Stone Mouse held incredible value, and even if he had no use of its memories, he'd still be able to exchange it for something else!

With this in mind, Zen walked towards the mouse's corpse, plucked it from the ground, and put it away.

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