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   Chapter 2140 The Evil God's Tactics

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The Evil God snorted, the light in his eyes shining with a cold intensity that could make his weaker adversaries retreat in fear. Specks of starlight shot out swiftly, hitting all corners of the hall.

A total of nine specks of starlight had been released, corresponding to the nine stars in the sky.

"He truly wants to borrow the power of the stars?" Zen shook his head, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

When the Holy Beings built universes, they usually masked the nine stars. Creatures of the universes could not borrow their strength source. Holy Jay was the only among them who allowed the Collapsing Mountain race to use his strength source as they wished.

When Zen constructed the Nine Divine Stars, he had placed the nine stars into his body in advance, without much hindrance. On his own, however, the Evil God had observed the heavenly bodies every night and developed a set of star battle techniques using his talent.


The nine stars in the sky began spinning, the motion causing a roaring sound. As they whirled, Zen felt as if nearly one percent of his strength source had melted from his body.

The nine dots of starlight behind the Evil God only swelled in size. They were like endlessly flowing waterfalls that inched toward him willingly.

The woman beside the Evil God was now floating in the air. Her eyes were shut and her pair of soft hands were tightly clasped together. She appeared to be concentrating fervently. When she pulled her hands apart, a ray of light stretched out from between them like elastic, swiftly transforming into a purple sword.

Dense Faith Energy emanated from the sword. The sword was in fact a faith weapon.

As she hurled the sword toward her husband, the nine white dots entered the body of the sword. The Evil God grabbed the sword and wielded it in the air, thrusting it straight at Zen.

In the face of this strike from the Evil God, a small smile pulled at the corners of Zen's mouth. "What a peculiar sword technique!" he exclaimed in lordly praise. "Did you create it yourself?"

Saying this, Zen reached out with a finger and flicked the sword before the Evil God knew it.


A loud sound rang out. Zen had successfully managed to toss over the long sword to the side.

The Evil God's face darkened as he retracted his sword. A ray of sword light set loose and his body flew toward Zen once again. His sword strike was invincible, but Zen nonchalantly extended a finger and lightly flicked the sword again.


The sword seemed to wither like a leaf as it halted in its attack and drooped down.

The rhythm of the Evil God's attacks grew faster and more abrupt, but Zen's fingers retaliated in a similar fashion. A

r mind is imprisoned."

Suddenly, Zen's voice boomed in all directions.

The Evil God looked up and around, but he still could not feel any energy fluctuations. Zen's modus operandi had completely escaped his comprehension abilities.


As Zen's form appeared again, his knee crashed fiercely onto the face of the Evil God.


The Evil God had been struck. He plummeted and collided straight into the palace below.

In this world, the Evil God's palace was known as the Palace of Marvels. The impact of the crash caused the three twenty-thousand-foot pillars in the palace to collapse like a house of cards.

Smoke and dust billowed, and rubble fell. The Evil God's palace had caved in. The sight was gruesome. It was a clear sign of his defeat.

The Evil God was imprisoned within the mountains. As he looked up at Zen in the sky, the fire in his eyes continued to blaze and spark. Even when at the end of his road, he would not admit defeat.

As for the woman imprisoned by Zen, her face was deathly pale. Just as she had anticipated, her husband had suffered a crushing defeat. They had no option but to bend their knees. She had known that they were not on the same level.

"I can introduce you to the real world someday, but this is not the right time," continued Zen.

Zen had once tried to place the creatures in his inner world into the universe rather successfully. The creatures had not lost their lives. According to his own deductions, his inner world and the divine land were on the same level, so logically, the creatures in his inner world would encounter no hindrance in entering the divine land.

Upon hearing Zen's words, the previously tameless Evil God raised his head and looked at Zen with hope in his eyes. "Do you truly mean it?" he asked. Eagerness etched his face.

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