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   Chapter 2139 Talent

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With a mere wave of Zen's hand, the colorful arrow dissipated into streaks of colors as they made their way back to the nine stars!

Zen gazed downward again as he sneered at the puny attack on him.

He didn't expect that someone with such talent was born in his inner world. The Evil God already knew of his existence. On his own, he had actually created nine divine textures which he had sent to each of the nine stars. He had planned to kill Zen using the power of the nine stars once Zen entered into his inner world.

Disregarding the fact that the Evil God didn't have an inch of chance in winning against him, Zen was still praising him for being able to put up a fight until this point.

"Let me see if you really are a stunning and extraordinary person." Zen laughed coldly and continued to move towards that continent.

Due to Zen's presence and support, the human race within the inner world had no competition in regards to their power.

Smack in the middle of that continent was a Law Tablet that Zen had intentionally flung down in the past. Currently, this tablet resided in the palace which was built upon the highest place. The tablet was even considered a divine object, as it was impossible for ordinary martial artists to comprehend the Law Tablet!

Even though these creatures were born and existed inside Zen's inner world, he had no control over their thoughts or ability to dictate their behavior.

To hoard treasure or anything precious and keep it for oneself was the natural instinct of almost all creatures!

Atop the highest mountain, on its very peak, a massive altar was built. Multitudes of martial artists gathered around it; they constantly knelt down and worshiped a statue on the altar. Upon closer look, it was the statue of the Evil God himself.

"He's gathering the Faith Energy..."

After the Evil God cultivated himself to the maximum level he could reach within Zen's inner world, his cultivation base was no longer able to increase.

Because Zen had only reached the world lord level, the Evil God's cultivation base could only reach the Spirit Transformation Realm. If he wanted to become stronger, the Evil God had actually thought of utilizing the Faith Energy!

Currently, Zen wasn't in need of any Faith Energy. Lacking a Godly Tile, he wouldn't be able to utilize the Faith Energy within his inner world. Only after condensing his own Godly Tile would the Faith Energy become available for him to use, and his strength would increase by a whole level!

But given the Evil God's ongoing attempt to gather the Faith Energy of the entire world, it did not bode well for Zen. After all, Faith Energy was limited, and

t was him who condensed the laws that he had comprehended into the Law Tablets and erected them all over the world to let martial artists comprehend and cultivate.

In her heart, the woman did not really want to make an enemy of the God of Creation. After all, he created this world and every living being in it!

However, it was her husband who had a great ambition. He didn't want to be trapped and limited in this small world. He knew that there was a greater space in the outside world. He even predicted that there were beings who existed in the outside world that were stronger than the God of Creation.

Thus, she and her husband could only come up with a crazy plan to exterminate the God.

Trying to kill Zen using the power of nine stars was only a preliminary step. They expected that it was naturally bound to fail. However, the moment that the woman saw Zen, she had a feeling in her heart that her husband was bound to lose...

"Spare my life?" The Evil God laughed and added, "From the day I was born, no one has been able to get a chance to kill me. Even you are not qualified to do so!"

Zen's brows knitted slightly when he heard this.

He cared greatly for the creatures in his inner world. If the Evil God agreed to his request, he would be able to let him off. Countless times, Zen wasn't willing to disrupt the balance in his inner world; he just let the creatures develop on their own.

Furthermore, this Evil God indeed possessed extraordinary creativity and talent; he also had the qualifications and the right to be arrogant. It was a pity that he did not have an inkling of how arrogant he was...

"Then I'd like to personally check if I'm qualified enough," Zen spoke with great curiosity. He wanted to see what the Evil God could accomplish.

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