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   Chapter 2138 The Evil God

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After several frustrated shrieks, the Stone Mouse suddenly thrust its tusks in a burst of anger and tried to cut off the black threads.

The black threads were extremely difficult to deal with. Zen had tried to continuously melt them with his golden blood, but a small portion of the threads still remained tied to his elixir field. To his astonishment, the Stone Mouse's tusks managed to break off the black threads.

After the last black line was broken, the Stone Mouse didn't hesitate in the slightest as it put its pair of tusks into his elixir field and urgently absorbed Zen's inner world.

Zen was swathed in a numbing sensation which came from inside his body. He couldn't help the shiver that ran down his back. He couldn't resist at all, and it made him extremely anxious.

When Master Evil saw the scene, he felt powerless and couldn't do anything about it. The Stone Mouse was simply too strong. Had Zen completely controlled the little creature before it had hatched, then things would've gone so much better!

Unfortunately, the Stone Mouse had woken up on its own. It became a little demon after it had inherited the memories of the past, and not even a True God could confidently face such a beast.

However, just as the Stone Mouse had sucked in a few mouthfuls of energy from Zen's inner world, it abruptly pulled out its sharp tusks and squeaked out in pain. It crawled out from Zen's shoulder and fell onto the ground. Its body was suffering a spasm like crazy and its limbs writhed around helplessly.

Meanwhile, Master Evil in Zen's mind couldn't believe what he just saw.

'What's wrong with the Stone Mouse?' he wondered.

Zen's body returned to normal after the Stone Mouse had retracted its tusks from his elixir field. Although the Stone Mouse had drilled into his body and he had suffered a lot of internal injuries, he was still able to endure the pain. He too, looked at the convulsing rat in surprise, but quickly realized something.

The Stone Mouse's attempt to absorb his inner world was actually a method of absorbing life vitality. In addition, it possessed a very unique innate theurgy that enabled it to devour the entire inner world, including the secondary creatures living inside.

However, the inner world in Zen's elixir field was formed directly from chaotic energy, which was highly toxic to living beings!

It was known that in the divine land, only the Holy Bein

mber of humans inside his body was only a little more than ten million. However, the Evil God alone had killed about one-third of all life form!

It was no surprise that Zen was enraged!

At that moment, his incarnation floated high up in the sky and observed at the many continents below him. His gaze finally locked onto a grey continent. As the controller of the inner world, Zen had the ability to know everything. With just a thought, he knew that the Evil God was on this continent.


A gust of wind blew sharply as Zen dashed towards the grey continent.

He never expected that just as he was halfway through, the nine stars in the sky suddenly started to spin. The surface of the nine stars each formed a profound rune, from which a colorful beam of light shot out.

Once all the powers the strength source had formed gathered together, they turned into a colorful arrow that was aimed directly towards Zen!

"What?" he exclaimed.

He couldn't believe the scene in front of him!

He didn't activate the strength source, yet the strength source actually had the audacity to attack him.

Although the runes weren't powerful, they had already extracted the powers of the strength source. Thus, that arrow made from the strength source alone was enough to kill an ordinary world lord.

However, it would be a fantasy if the arrow did kill Zen. After all, he was the real controller of the nine stars. When the colorful arrow was only an inch away from him, he spat out the word "freeze." Then, the arrow immediately stopped in front of his chest and was unable to advance any longer.

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