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   Chapter 2137 Run Away

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Master Evil thought that Zen's origins and his status were both extraordinary.

Although the Floating Island that was built by Mike years ago had collapsed, his disciples were still very active. Harold, Mike's chief disciple, was still a well-known figure in the divine land.

However, Master Evil didn't understand that Zen had stepped into the divine land like a headless fly, and almost got lost in the Vast Sky Region. Not only that, but he also stayed within a small mountain village in the north of the Vast Sky Region for a long time.

Master Evil did not know that Zen had been sent to the Vast Sky Region because he had sneaked into the divine land. Wynn had carefully chosen the place to secure his first foothold since it was a small region, which didn't make it stand out much in the divine land. Furthermore, it was a relatively stable region, so it also wasn't too dangerous.

The deep voice of Master Evil spoke, "I am a True God and the only goal of my life is to rule over a region. I used to be too bloody and ruthless, which is why I am called Master Evil. Right now, I am hopeless as I have fallen into this kind of situation. I am willing to give up this chance, but if you need my help, I will do my best to help."

His usually sinister and vicious eyes were filled with sincerity as he spoke to Zen. It was truly shocking, especially if someone else had seen his expression.

A faint smile danced across Zen's lips. Although Master Evil's words were believable, he didn't have to take them seriously. He didn't completely believe that Master Evil didn't want to regain his body. However, Zen wouldn't treat him shabbily in the future.

At that moment, Zen's expression suddenly changed. "Oh no!" he yelled.

Back when Master Evil and Yorick had been in a fierce battle in Zen's mind, the Stone Mouse had devoured Master Evil's belly and leapt down from his body. It looked like it had been longing for something, but now, its eyes were glued on Zen who as at the side of the cave. Its small, beady eyes were dim as it looked at him.

Since Zen was just a world lord, the mouse thought that he was far from being as delicious as a True God, but he was still good food.

Thus, the mouse dashed towards Zen once again at an incredible speed!

"Run! The Stone Mouse is a one-of-a-kind true spirit.

Even though it has just hatched, it still has a huge part of its strength from its previous life!" Mas

re in action.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

The cave was filled with the Stone Mouse's angry shrieks. It was frustrated as it also knew that Zen's ordinary looking robe was indestructible. It continued to pounce again until it had actually went through the collar of Zen's robe.

Zen's Redemption Armor could be moved according to his will and quickly covered his whole body at the most critical moments. However, the mouse's speed and reaction time continued to defy Zen's imagination. Before he could cover his entire body with the Redemption Armor, he felt a sharp pain from his shoulder. The Stone Mouse had bitten him there!

It was true that Zen's physical body was tougher than both Master Evil's and Yorick's. However, the Stone Mouse had some sort of theurgy, and even something as sturdy as Zen's body couldn't stop it. Soon enough, the mouse was able to freely travel in Zen's body.

It didn't take long before the mouse had drilled into Zen's abdomen, and it was about to thrust its tusks into Zen's elixir field.

Just then, the black lines that wrapped around his elixir field suddenly glowed and enveloped the mouse's tusks. The black lines had successfully prevented the mouse from devouring Zen's inner world.

The black lines were there to block the connection between Zen and his inner world.

If the Stone Mouse wanted to drill into Zen's elixir field, it would naturally have to cross the black lines first.

However, the Stone Mouse had never seen such strange objects in any of the memories it inherited. Thus, the sight of the unfamiliar black lines caused it to be even more aggressive.

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