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   Chapter 2136 A Lose-lose

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That narrow escape from death threw Zen's mind into turmoil.

He never thought he would almost lose his life in this small mountain village. If it weren't for Master Evil's soul rushing into his mind at the most critical moment then his soul would've already been devoured by Yorick.

He had lost his father's help ever since he left the Evolutionary Universe. He no longer enjoyed the privileges of having a miraculous destiny as he did in the past. Danger lurked in every corner of this divine land he found himself in.

Master Evil's and Yorick's souls were entangled together and fought fiercely in Zen's mind.

Cultivating souls was not an easy feat, not even for True Gods.

During the time that Master Evil spent locked up in the fairy palace, Yorick's cultivation had increased quite a bit. It was true that Master Evil was not his match but the difference between them wasn't extraordinary.

In the end, the fight between these True Gods concluded with a draw.

If he were to die, then Master Evil was determined to pull Yorick down with him. However, Yorick had already waited for so many years and he wasn't willing to die in this fight.

"Stop!" Yorick roared before another round began. "Do you know who this brat is?"

However, Master Evil wasn't listening. There was a crazed look in his eyes as countless spikes appeared on the surface of his soul before it charged towards Yorick again!

"That boy is the son of a Holy Being. His soul contains great secrets! Once I get his soul and read his memories, I can share them with you. I can even create a powerful body for you in the future..." Yorick said, dodging Master Evil's attack.

"Hmph, I already know about everything you just said! You're too sly. How can I ever trust you? I won't stop until I kill you. I will definitely shatter your soul!"

Master Evil had taken the inner demon oath. Even if he already knew Zen's identity, he couldn't really make a move against him. In the end, Yorick's offer was no good for him at all. Besides, Yorick was sly and once he took over Zen's soul, he would definitely attack Master Evil. Only a three-year-old would believe Yorick's supposed compromise.

"We can negotiate…"

However, before Yorick could even finish his words, Master Evil was already charging at him. The latter stretche

to bring it back from the precipice of collapse.

Master Evil couldn't help but stare at Zen with a complicated expression.

"Why did you save me?" he asked. He definitely wasn't someone Zen could trust and he knew that the young man wasn't stupid. Why in the world would he help a wicked old man like him?

"I still need your help. You can't die now," Zen answered simply.

"My physical body has already been destroyed and my cultivation is gone. My soul, the only thing left of me, is a mere dying candle. I am no different from a dead person. Ha-ha!" Master Evil laughed as if mocking himself. Maybe it was because of the state of his soul, maybe it was because he was sad, or maybe it was both but it seemed as if he had lost the courage and the will to live on.

"Isn't there still a chance? You can still seize this opportunity," Zen told him.

"Seize this opportunity..."

Master Evil lowered his head in thought. He was previously afraid of Murphy so he didn't dare involve himself in the battle between Holy Beings. He only truly wanted to regain his past glory in the Vast Sky Region.

Now, all he was left with was his soul, so did he really have any other choice?

Someone like Zen had terribly great potential. If he could achieve astonishing things and find a place in the Hall of Holy Beings, then it might not be impossible for the young man to help him recover his physical body and increase his cultivation by leaps and bounds.

With this in mind, Master Evil's eyes shone bright with hope for the future!

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